How to Write Your First Poem

How to Write Your First Poem? All set to write your first poem? Well done, because the toughest part is making the decision to do something! However, before you write your first poem, let me ensure that you have already written so many in your thoughts; it’s something different that you could not pen those down on the paper. Today, I will try to be your companion and make you [...]

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Bihar Election Result Jungleraj Begins

Bihar Election Result While I should (rather must, at least as political courtesy, but I literally don’t mean to!) start by congratulating the Nitish Kumar & Co. or the so called Mahagathbandhan for their victory in the Bihar assembly elections concluded only yesterday, I am pretty hopeless for the coming five years of Bihar. I must say that I am afraid with this verdict; I know what Sri Lalu Yadav [...]

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Tolerance Intolerance and March for India

Intolerance & Anupam Kher's March for India I would love to start with the fact that I support March for India! Tolerance and intolerance, these two terms are in the air since the day a lady (people talk from Congress) returned her Sahitya Akademi award. Once the card was shuffled, there was a long line of gamblers to participate in this pre-Diwali gambling; who knows the luck! A row of [...]

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How to Become a Poet

How to Become a Poet : The question of every aspiring player of words How to become a poet? Really! You are asking this question on google! I am not denying that google is a great source to let you know and accumulate mass of knowledge. However, do you really think that google will make you a poet? I have seen many people search on google that how to become [...]

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How to Write Wikipedia Article

Write A Wikipedia Article: Ready to create a new Wikipedia page? I can guess you have tried almost everything in writing now and wish to try your hands at creating or writing a Wikipedia article. Good choice, in fact, made at the last! Writing a wiki article will help others in getting information about the subject you know better. This is the motto of Wikipedia - to promote best of [...]

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What Happens Inside Delhi Metro

Happens Only in Delhi Metro It might look surprising to a newcomer in Delhi, but the things are usual. Delhi Metro is full of surprises for you. You can see a number of activities happening in Delhi Metro, and more specifically - 'inside the train and station area'. So, what happens inside Delhi Metro? I came to Delhi in April this year (2015). Fascinated about travelling in Delhi Metro, the [...]

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What is Success Essay

What is Success? The Attempt to Define the Undefined   What is success? This question is beyond answers. However, people with intellect have attempted different versions of answers. Without explaining all the 'what is success quotes' in detail, I would like to present some of them which look relevant to me. It does not, in any case, imply that I downplay other people's words about success with which I do [...]

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Sahitya Akademi Award Return Politics

To Authors Who Return Sahitya Akademi Award I have many questions for all those authors and literary figures who have recently returned the Sahitya Akademi award. In fact, no one can return the award in actual terms; they have only returned the 'rusted piece of shield' because only money matters to them! I am fully conscious when I make this writ statement. No writer did bother to offer back the [...]

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Selective Journalism ABP News

  ABP News Involves in Selective Journalism   Recent Media Activity After Dadri Incident The recent reflections from media agencies in India on the very unfortunate killing of a Muslim man in Dadri have compelled me to opine. I am the upholder of this view that media is the fourth pillar of any democracy. However, the current position in which Indian media (be it print or electronic) stands, I doubt [...]

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AdBlock Extension Sold Ads Allowed

Mystery Buyer Owns Popular AdBlock Extension Gone are the days when you easily got rid of annoying ads while browsing the web with google chrome. Yes, AdBlock Extension has sold itself to an unknown buyer, and for monetary purposes, it's now participating in 'accepted ad programs'. The idea is clear; you will have to bear the advertise on certain websites! As claimed by the owner of popular AdBlock extension, it [...]

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