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Tolerance Intolerance and March for India

Intolerance & Anupam Kher’s March for India

I would love to start with the fact that I support March for India! Tolerance and intolerance, these two terms are in the air since the day a lady (people talk from Congress) returned her Sahitya Akademi award. Once the card was shuffled, there was a long line of gamblers to participate in this pre-Diwali gambling; who knows the luck! A row of intellectuals, authors, and scholars was later joined by historians and even film-makers. Trust me, it became boring like typical Bollywood way when you begin to predict what is next going to take place on the screen. A long list of Marxists, leftists, and Nehru-shadowed thinkers did their best to create an atmosphere in the country – the perception of intolerance. “Minorities are in fear.” “Muslims are not feeling safe.” “The country cannot prosper if people show this kind of intolerance.” The debate protracted to such a length, that even the so-called king of Bollywood, mr. Shahrukh Khan had to join it. Like many times in the past, he reiterated the same dialogue like his k kkkkiiiiran one – intolerance! Enough! Let’s enjoy this joke now.

Intolerance Game: The truth behind the curtain of intolerance:

While these great scholars keep shouting foul and imposing an atmosphere of intolerance, they must know something. PEOPLE DO NOT CARE. EVEN I DID NOT KNOW WHO IS MR.SHAH before the day he returned his award. PEOPLE HAD ALREADY FORGOTTEN MR. IRFAN HABIB. MANY OTHERS, WHO ARE IN THE LAST WEEK OF NOVEMBER OF THEIR LIFE, just wanted a share in the game of fame! And they had it.

Intolerance: The Bihar election issue:

While people may agree and disagree, there are some faces in the line of award return nautanki who cannot bear Narendra Modi as the PM of this Congress ruined the country. They have become habitual to see the single family ruling this great nation. They found no other way to counter it and the Dadri incident gave them the golden opportunity they wished. With the help of our secular Indian media and TV channels, they did best to manipulate the events. They kept blaming; we kept listening; people kept earning their bread and enjoying life.

Intolerance: The practical reality check of intolerance in our country:

At my workplace, there are several people who belong to the so-being-imposed ‘in dahshat’ community. They enjoy their work pretty well. They talk as free as others. They enjoy our company. Not even a single sign of fear or dahshat of any kind is noticed on their face. Dear Nayantara Sehgal and dear Arundhati Roy, could you see so well from your cocoon of prejudice? I think you people should walk a day in the public place and scrutinize the daily life of Indian people. Hopefully, you hypocrites will learn how tolerant is our India and how shameful patches you are on our country!

Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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  1. So, now everything over! Bas Bihar election tak hi tha sab kuchh. Ye log sab anti national hain aur congress ke bhakt hain aur kuchh nahin! They all just are prejudiced against Modi and cannot digest that a simple tea seller has bechome the prime minister of India! But we all know that Modi is the best PM India could ever have!

  2. Dear Alokji,
    I follow you on twitter, and found this piece written by you. While i agree with you that we are largely a tolerant nation, with few fights here and there — that of course does not make us intolerant.
    But at the same time, there is a strong perception amongst people, a strong PM like modiji must have strongly condemned these incidents, which he did not. Remember how Obama, handled a similar situation when an young muslim boy was hounded by US police on false charges?
    And moreover should we wait for the day when we become an intolerant nation, vying for blood of fellow brothers? Should we wait for that day and let it bust into another partition riot?
    Or should we protest right from such small incidents (anyways it was not a small incident!).
    I myself, am a practicing Muslim, and strongly believe that no nation is as safe for muslims as India, and no neighbor is as good as a Hindu. Having said that, we should stand our guards against evil tendencies.

    1. Dear Aneez,
      I applaud your words:
      “I myself, am a practicing Muslim, and strongly believe that no nation is as safe for muslims as India, and no neighbor is as good as a Hindu. Having said that, we should stand our guards against evil tendencies.”

      And I am strongly with you that we MUST protest against and work for betterment of our country. However, this was not the right way of protest, was it? Mere hypothesis should not be applied to defame our country. And I am sure Modi will listen to the voices of the nation and will do something very soon.
      Rest, it is the people, you and me and all Indians who have to come ahead and show the world that we are the best nation in all the terms.

      Many thanks for your words and people like you will be the beacon of goodness in our nation. Salutes,

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