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How to Become a Poet

How to Become a Poet : The question of every aspiring player of words

How to become a poet? Really! You are asking this question on google! I am not denying that google is a great source to let you know and accumulate mass of knowledge. However, do you really think that google will make you a poet? I have seen many people search on google that how to become a poet. Now that I have a blog of mine, I thought if I could be some help to the aspiring poets. The reason that I am writing this post is not to make ‘just another post’ for people to read on the subject to become a poet. My aims are different. I have studied all other posts on the same issue. However, those are however good, cannot quench the thirst of a true aspiring poet. The reason is – because everyone is already a poet! Other people may tell you that write this and write that; they cannot let you know how to put forth your emotions on the paper… that is something you are born with! So, to know how to become a poet, you have to know how to introduce you with yourself…

Wheels on move: Know the poet in you

become a poet Alok Mishra poetry

In recent years, especially the past decade or decade ago that, many new poets have emerged in the literary galaxy. Not only from a country or two, but across the globe this revolution in literature has made strong roots. However, talking especially about English poetry, poets have not thought it necessary to go on with rhyme and music. The ultimate motive, and I countersign it, of a poem should be delivering it to the audience. The verdict, that new age poets and their poetry have announced, is rather clear – we simply write our lines. Therefore, what now counts is your talent to convey your message. Meanwhile, if you can play with words fair, you can do great in poetry. We should not forget that recent age has also seen the rise of Haiku, a form of poetry, to a great level. Haiku is purely based on making moves in music… My advice would be – keep it somewhere in the midway. Message and music, they both together can make good poetry.

Become a Poet

Once you decide your way to go, try putting your imagination, philosophy, verdict, message, personal thought, memory, or simply anything you wish in words. Do remember the message of another great poets behind you. I’d suggest ‘best words in best order’. Do not stop; keep doing it. Practice makes a man perfect. After writing 5-10 times, be that anything, you will have something on the page; you can pat your back – you have become a poet. No poetry is bad; no poetry is good! Poetry is same. Poets say it in different manners!

The Excuse of a Poet

It was a silly thing. However, the message is – write, if you wish to be a poet. Do not look for others. Poetry is completely yours. Others cannot shape poetry in you; you have to bring it from within you. True, you can learn from others. Keep the Palgrave’s Golden Treasury under your pillow or in your college bag or on your study table. Read some poems daily, and I am sure very soon you will write one yourself on the empty page in the back side of the book! And do remember that nothing is fixed about poetry. Dryden was never meant to be a poet if it was true that a poet is born! His art in poetry only came after he was 31 already!

Became a Poet

At last, I just wanted to say that wikihow cannot help you with how to become a poet, might they claim to tell you all the steps with pictures! Art is something you have to acquire; the task becomes difficult because you have to acquire it from your very self, not from somewhere else. Keep writing and you will mature. Best wishes!

Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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    I have thought to right
    Minds misfortunes have wrought
    Hearts shriveled by past wrongs
    Backs lashed by history’s thongs

    We who craft silent words
    Swim in blood spilled with hatred’s swords
    We shall meet again
    Greeting in the rain

    Arms enfolding themselves
    Waving with love which delves
    Into deep humanity
    Our shared unity

    We have come from Africa
    Land of birth
    We who were left with death
    Have left offsprings in America
    And hidden treasures in India
    With toes imprinted in Australia

    We are the sailors unearthed
    We have sailed through dawns of time
    The sun calls us son
    Who rises with us
    Who dies with us

    We who walked on mighty waves
    And kissed the cheeks without shaves
    We shall tell his stories, timeless
    As we make the earth sandless
    Revealing truths skeletal
    Buried in stones medieval

    I am being
    That shall you be
    Cast in rain

    Then in truth
    Shall love reside.
    Shared blackness,
    Revealed, covers all.


    1. Thanks for your comment, ma’am. Yes, poetry, in fact, is never old! We find the same joy in Thomas Nash as we one finds in Ted Hughes!

    1. Thanks for your expression, Ravi.
      I agree with you that it’s about self-exploration. Becoming a poet is about finding your inner self and using it to establish your creativity and express your imagination to the external world!

    1. Sure, dear Olulu,
      if you wish to use my words for your website, you are free to do it.
      If you could add reference to my name and my website, I’d be grateful to you!

  2. Thanks for the post, Alok. I just got the link and it’s a nice post.
    True, no one can teach us to be a poet… it’s all about learning yourself!

    1. Thanks for your words, Poetry Freak.
      I have just shared my views about poetry and being a poet. I believe it this way; people should have their freedom in believing the way they like.

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