IIJNM Bangalore – is it the right choice for journalism?

Is IIJNM a good place to study journalism? Can I get an admission in IIJNM for my course in broadcast journalism? What is the average package of the outgoing students at IIJNM Bangalore? And numerous questions like these I have been seeing and answering some of them too (on Quora). However, that won't help unless I answer all of them together in an appropriate way. And today, I will be [...]

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How to Become an Author? a beginner’s guide to a successful writing career

Alok Mishra writes on how to become an author and pursue a successful writing career. Anyone can become an author who has great writing skills and the patience to work hard and rework harder and continue. Read this wonderful article below! Authors always have a tough time if they are just beginning their career. They have to get their book noticed by the publishers; accepted by one of them; published [...]

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Dictionary of Literary Terms – why you need one

Alok Mishra tells the students of English literature why do they need a good dictionary of literary terms and literary theory. Read this article to understand the need for a specialised dictionary of literary vocabulary. Having a dictionary is always a cool idea as a student. However, most of the students of literature don't usually think it cool to have a literary dictionary or a dictionary of literary terms. And [...]

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Why UGC NET for English Literature is absurd? My Take

Well, in the circles which I am known and the intellectuals who know me they know very well that how much unsatisfied I am with the current education policies in the country (India of course). If one scrutinises and tries to reach a final conclusion, believe me, only amusement or entire bizarre might be the end result! It is reaching nowhere; it is moving towards no destination; it's just rolling [...]

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अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी जी और उनकी कवितायेँ!

"पथ पर चलते चलते ही वह राह बन गया, तिल-तिल कर जलते जलते ही दाह बन गया, वह कैसा था भक्त स्वयं भगवान बन गया कुम्भकार की कीर्ति बन निर्माण बन गया!"     जब भी अटल जी पुरुषार्थ से भरी कवितायेँ सुनता हूँ आज के लम्पट कवियों की फौज महज एक हुजूम सी लगती है जो शायद कविता करना ही भूल गए हैं! मैं भी अपनी कविताओं को अटल [...]

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Mythological Fiction: How much becomes very much? Writes Nidhi Sharma

Hey, guys! I have been writing for long and for a break, I have given the floor this time to Nidhi Sharma, founder of The Book Blog and a respected senior to me in every possible way. Please enjoy this wonderful article by her!     Have you ever visited your old school or your grandparents home after a long gap? Well, if yes, you are likely to find a [...]

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Getting MAXIMUM Out of Your Reading Habits!

There has not been any era in the history of mankind when reading and writing were not practised. Be it on the stones or be it on the LED screens of the Kindle devices, humanity goes hand in hand with the noble practice of reading and writing. Ordinary men read; extraordinary men produce what ordinary men read; above extraordinary men write on what the extraordinary men write… and the cycle [...]

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Shilpa Raj – rise of an author for the have-nots!

Authors do not come from other planets nor are they special species. They are very much a part of our human race and the very society we live in. Nevertheless, there is a thin line of distinction which separates those who do write - they think different. Authors look towards events, social causes, international issues, justice-injustice and other human concerns with entirely different perspectives. And because authors are creative, they [...]

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Becoming a Book Reviewer (Critic)

Book Reviews are becoming very popular and I am delighted to see many young persons coming in the groove and rolling with the trend. Yes guys! Let's read them all and let's offer our opinions - encouraging, harsh, neutral or even exaggerated! After all, we have the democratic right to read the books once an author writes it; we have the same democratic right to share our thoughts about what [...]

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Is Literature Propaganda? An Attempt to Answer

In most of these days, I was thinking one thing constantly. Are there the literary pieces which are but propaganda? It's not a simple question because extensive research and evidence would be required to come to a concrete conclusion. And making things clearer, I am not including the works by historians, geologists, scientists and archaeologists which are mostly (7 out of 10 days) propaganda. Who can forget the great Aryan [...]

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