अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी जी और उनकी कवितायेँ!

"पथ पर चलते चलते ही वह राह बन गया, तिल-तिल कर जलते जलते ही दाह बन गया, वह कैसा था भक्त स्वयं भगवान बन गया कुम्भकार की कीर्ति बन निर्माण बन गया!"     जब भी अटल जी पुरुषार्थ से भरी कवितायेँ सुनता हूँ आज के लम्पट कवियों की फौज महज एक हुजूम सी लगती है जो शायद कविता करना ही भूल गए हैं! मैं भी अपनी कविताओं को अटल [...]

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New Year Resolutions & Change: Make Your 2017 Happy!

The year is almost done. We are ready to enter a fresh new year called 2017 with new aspirations, hopes, anticipations, fear, enthusiasm and worries. Calendars hanging on the walls will change; some new décor will come; maybe some set ups and look & feel will also change. You might move table in your study room to that side and push your bookshelf to the left. You may have your [...]

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What is Success Essay

What is Success? The Attempt to Define the Undefined   What is success? This question is beyond answers. However, people with intellect have attempted different versions of answers. Without explaining all the 'what is success quotes' in detail, I would like to present some of them which look relevant to me. It does not, in any case, imply that I downplay other people's words about success with which I do [...]

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