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Alok Mishra Philosopher

The Philosopher

What is Philosophy? The world may define it in many different ways; however, for Alok, it’s simple – not only to learn the hows, but also the whys! Yes, may it look to you a scientific inquiry into things but this is what it should be!
Alok Mishra is not a philosopher in the sense of academics – he is a student of literature and there you expect a person to have a particular set of notions; disturbingly, Alok has many! He has a keen interest in the questions of existence, truth, ‘beyond,’ knowledge, spirituality, supreme, soul and God. These interests led him to further inquire on his own.

The lessons of Swami Vivekananda have the major influence upon Alok. He bought all the volumes of Complete Works by Swami Vivekananda and read those in excitement. Another major figure from India admired and respected by him is J. Krishnamurti. Like Vivekananda, Alok gathered all the works of Krishnamurti and read them to dive even deeper into the cosmic as well as earthly realities. These two figures have a great contribution in shaping the philanthropic quotient in Alok’s personality.

The mesmerising verses of Gita are also dear to Alok’s daily routine. Other than these, he has read Bacon, Locke, Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, and some great ‘literary philosophers’. To continue and also to draw others in this illuminating journey, Alok organizes daily debates in his library. His discussions carry with his father, younger brother, his teachers, and his friends.

“If you think philosophy exists only to answer some of the world’s toughest questions, you are misplaced; a philosopher does not only answer but also poses tough questions to inspire others to inquire further…”

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