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Alok Mishra as the Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh Journal

“We need to restore the taste in letters and words and sentences. Without creative solace that the world may find in literature, nothing good will come in the near future. Trust me; you will remember my words after 100 years from now!”   Alok Mishra

The motive with which Ashvamegh was established is clear and loud. A philanthropic touch to Ashvamegh makes it in the frontline of academic journals of English Literature. Ashvamegh publishes issues monthly, on 15th of every month. It receives good response from the readers and contributors across the world. Publishing poems, short stories, research articles and book reviews, Ashvamegh is playing an important part in the revolution of the literary revival.


“After the birth of Ashvamegh in January 2015, I had hopes. Though, I knew it’s not going to be a task so easy! Fortunately, I met people along the way, those helpful and enthusiastic people for literary revival! A writer’s pen needs the ink of motivation; Ashvamegh will do that…”  Alok Mishra

Alok Mishra – Responsibilities as Editor-in-Chief at Ashvamegh:

Alok Mishra takes the largest share of responsibilities as the Editor-in-Chief at Ashvamegh Journal. Except the usual editorial works, he has to take care of the web-design and thorough web content. Other key works include:

* Book Reviews
* Editorial
* Interviews
* Contact and relations with academic person and institutions
* Promotion of the Ashvamegh platform
* Co-ordinating with the board members
* Making new content strategy
* Contributing articles time to time

You can read the interviews done by Alok Mishra.

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