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Creativity Profile Alok Mishra: Poet & Author

Alok Mishra poet
Alok Mishra
has a diverse creative profile. He is an accomplished poet and aspiring author in the creative side of his life. He started writing poems when he was in his high school years. Early poems used to rhyme with a meagre substance and more personal touch. The time passed, and Alok worked on his poetic skills loosely because of his intense interest in sports. During his graduation years at Nalanda College, he got rewards for his poetry writings. One of his poems made its mark in a national newspaper by HT Media. This major-minor success inspired him to work hard and hone his creativity. With the help of his faculties in the English Department of Nalanda College, he learned about the nuances of poetry. He minutely studied the style of different poets. Inspired by Matthew Arnold, lulled by Shakespeare, taught by T. S. Eliot, and romantically touched by John Keats – Alok Mishra stands today as a poet with a different touch! Not only that, his poetry reflects a great deal of the root Indian philosophy, Hindu philosophy and its profound depth, the spiritual current flowing through centuries in India and contemporary problems. He has produced two subtle anthologies of poems – 13 untitled and weird poems, Moving for Moksha.
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Alok As An Author:

To his credit, Alok has one book – Being in Love. This book is not a mature piece of art in the terms of plot, narration, and writer’s craft. However, Being in Love emits a strong message to the readers. This book highlights the heinous crime of honour killings in India. Being a young author, Alok did his best to present his point of view. However, he understood the styles of narration by studying classic and modern authors.
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