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निर्वाण – Hindi Poem

जैसे निर्वाण मिला हो मेरी मोक्ष की महत्वाकांक्षा को बस एक बार जो छू लेते हैं लब तेरे मेरे प्रफुल्लित अधरों को जो बस अंकुरित से हुए हैं प्रेम की बारिश में! मेरी इच्छाओं की धुंध पे पड़ती हैं जब धुप तुम्हारी मुहब्बत की सिहर उठता है मेरा मन, एक आवेश में और छूट जाता है तन पीछे, कोसों दूर कहीं प्रकाश, तेज, नूर… कहीं ये मिलन तो नहीं व्याकुल [...]

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Mumtaz and Taj Mahal – Book Review

Pravin Anand's latest book, Mumtaz and Taj Mahal, is more about retelling a tale of love, a monumental love that saw the Taj rising. He has used his imagination to colour the realities into a realistic-fiction in which he glorifies the love of Mumtaz and her king, Shahjahan. Moreover, as the ease is too easy and the book can be read by teenagers, youths, young and grown-ups, the book has [...]

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प्रेम, तुम, मैं और हम…

मेरे स्वप्नों को वसंत-स्वप्न के बाहर प्रेम-सत्य की धरा पर, कुछ ऐसे तुमने उतारा है, प्रिये, मानो जीवंत हो गए हों पुनः वो सारे पुष्प जो मुरझाये से थे रेतीले सागर के गहराई में, पीड़ित,वंचित और उपेक्षित से। छूकर प्यार को, प्यार के एक स्पर्श मात्र से ह्रदय तले, किंचित कुचले स्वरों में सरस्वती का पुनः वास हुआ और आकांक्षाएं रूप लेने लगीं मेरी नजरों में - बस तुम्हारी छवि [...]

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The Evening by Phidalia Toi

Phidalia Toi is back with another stunning analytical book on the NDA government's fourth year at the centre. The Evening is the fourth and penultimate instalment of the series Marathon Race to Acche Din by the author from North-East India and like all the previous ones, this book also shows an inclination towards maturity as well as a subtle attitude in analysing the various issues that rocked the scenes in [...]

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Pattern of Life… a poem

It strikes; you wish or not. It does strike - the vehement anguish of knowing everything that was, is and will be ahead. I saw your rise. I see my fall. Surmise. I knew always. My truth is beyond your lies. You still rise. I still fall. I have never been. I have seen it all already.  

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If I am Born Again, Lord Please… book review

I have always been a fan of poetry and reading new poetry collections has always been a hobby of mine. And this time, I have stumbled upon a collection which is rather sentimental and based on true incidents - incidents of falling in love and getting to a different destination thereafter. If I am born again, Lord Please... is a poetry collection by Shopone, a poet who is liked to [...]

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Elephants in the Room – Book Review

Before I get into the details, let me share some facts about Suraj Laxminarayanan's debut novel, a crime thriller piece of fictional literature. The first important thing that a reader should know is that the author has taken almost 3 (even a little more than that) years to complete this novel. Elephants in the Room by Suraj is the result of constant cleansing, curating and bettering a creation of words [...]

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एक बरस निकल गया – Hindi poem on love’s journey

  कुछ तो था कहीं न कहीं अधूरा मुझमें, और शायद तुम में भी। वर्षों की तन्हाई, एक लम्बी जुदाई, अलग-अलग राहों पे अपने-अपने सफर, अनजान, खोये अपने जीवन में हम-तुम कुछ तो हुआ तुम्हें और फिर मुझे भी की रुकी तुम फिर से उसी मोड़ पे और पुकारा मुझे फिर से गहराई थी, एक ठहराव सा तुम्हारी आवाज में, मानो वर्षों की कहानियाँ कह दी हो तुमने एक लम्हें [...]

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13 Untitled and Weird Poems – my new poetry collection

Hello friends, I hope you all are well and waiting for the festivities to begin - Durgapuja and then a small wait for Diwali. Meanwhile, I have composed a few poems and created a poetry collection. The collection has been published as a Kindle E-book on Amazon. For the lovers of strange and weird poems, the collection will certainly be readable. I have put the title as 13 Untitled and [...]

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Sons and Lovers – Book Review

Sons and Lovers, the novel, holds a very important place in my life. I have read it as a student and then studied it as a grown-up man having literary occupations. Both the times, I had that mesmerising effect which is conventional as far as the novels of this quality are concerned. D. H. Lawrence becomes as detailed as Thomas Hardy and as philosophical as Aldous Huxley; it purely depends [...]

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