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The Gunpowder Prince by Michael Archer – book review

Book: The Gunpowder Prince Author: Michael Archer Published: 2018 Format I read: Kindle E-Book Pages: 145 Highlight - love reading about international wars and the hidden truths between the lines? there you go! I am, to be honest, very little interested in reading the books which don't offer anything interesting. And the ones that offer me a lot to be interested in, I rarely miss. Likewise, recently, I came to [...]

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Kohinoor in You – review

Book: Kohinoor in You Author: Mukesh Kumar Shahi Publisher: Evincepub Publishing Review by: Alok Mishra "Life is all about learning the new-new things. Never stop learning if you want to be energetic throughout your life. People will cheat you, snatch you, beat you, rape you, fuck you, kill you but a good book will always help you to transform yourself and develop many qualities in life." In chapter 25 of [...]

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The Journey – #WeirdShortStories 1

  He was returning. Helplessly. He was returning from a place where he had not been for the past two years. A place he tried to forget and almost forgot. Time is cruel and the compulsion it brings is crueller than itself. He had to go to find himself, once again, bullied and harassed and belittled. After sometimes, I started talking to him, once again, along the way. Our conversation [...]

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Weird Short Stories – my collection

Why do we love something weird? Why do we love the writings which are ambiguous and take us nowhere but in doing that, take us everywhere? This is rather strange; this is rather weird in itself... however, our love for weird short stories does never end or seldom ends (in some people). I am myself a lover of ambiguity in literary art and do love reading those texts which make [...]

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Two Cheers for Democracy – Book Review

Two Cheers for Democracy - how does this title sound to you? What it clicks in the processor of your mind? Will you retweet one title like this? Well, I will review this personal classic by E. M. Forster today. Forster is someone I admire, not for his fiction, for his writing style and his presentation skills - he presents things to his readers lucidly. So, let's dive very deep [...]

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देखा तुम्हें मैंने, फिरसे… Hindi Poem

देखा तुम्हें मैंने, फिरसे... फिरसे देखा तुम्हें आज मैंने जब आके तुम सुबह-सुबह मेरे पास बैठी और भींगे बालों से टपकती वो दो-चार बूंदें छू गयी फिरसे शरीर के अंदर छुपी मेरी आत्मा को।  .. देखा मैंने फिर आँखों में तुम्हारी और कोशिश की फिरसे लगातार असफलताओं के सिलसिले को तोड़ देने की - गहराईयों में तुम्हारे चक्षुओं की फिरसे डूब गया मैं पर जान न सका सीमाओं को; क्या [...]

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मैं आलोक हूँ | कविता – Hindi Poem

अब जाके टुटा मेरा सपना और मिले आमने-सामने सारे जिन्हें मैंने माना था कभी पराया और अपना। राह बहुत उज्जवल थी चला था जब मैं देख मंजिल को सामने साहसी क़दमों के साथ बस कुछ पग चलके सफलता की शर्माती आलिंगन में खुद को ढालने। सपना टुटा राह भी छूटा पर, हाँ पर मैं अभी भी नहीं हूँ टुटा राह नयी बनाऊंगा नए अपनों के सामने फिर से खुद को [...]

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कभी तो मिलो – हिंदी कविता | Kabhi to Milo – Hindi Poem

  किसी चौराहे पे किसी दोराहे पे किसी मोड़ पे कभी तो दिखो जीवन के किसी छोड़ पे और सुकून मिले मेरी तरसती आँखों को और तृष्णा मिटे इस बेरुखे मन की जो कोसता रहता है मेरे सूनेपन को, अक्सर मेरी तन्हाइयों में खोजता रहता है तुम्हारी परछाइयों को ....... ज़िद है तुम्हें पा लेने की तुम्हारे वजूद को मेरे अस्तित्व में डूबा लेने की और मिल जाने को तुमसे [...]

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Poetry Day 2018 – my contribution

My words are not poetry; My life is. Through ups and downs, calm and chaos, suffering and pleasure, and my every strife is poetry.

By | March 21st, 2018|Caprice|1 Comment

English Literature – UGC NET, July 2018 – Tips, Books & Resources

UGC NET Examinations are once again knocking the doors of the future educators. I am once again addressing the English Literature aspirants who want to clear the UGC NET examination in July 2018, organised by CBSE across the nation. Are you ready? The system of the examination or in better words, the pattern, has been altered. Now, aspirants will have to appear in two papers only; previously there used to [...]

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