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एक बरस निकल गया – Hindi poem on love’s journey

  कुछ तो था कहीं न कहीं अधूरा मुझमें, और शायद तुम में भी। वर्षों की तन्हाई, एक लम्बी जुदाई, अलग-अलग राहों पे अपने-अपने सफर, अनजान, खोये अपने जीवन में हम-तुम कुछ तो हुआ तुम्हें और फिर मुझे भी की रुकी तुम फिर से उसी मोड़ पे और पुकारा मुझे फिर से गहराई थी, एक ठहराव सा तुम्हारी आवाज में, मानो वर्षों की कहानियाँ कह दी हो तुमने एक लम्हें [...]

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13 Untitled and Weird Poems – my new poetry collection

Hello friends, I hope you all are well and waiting for the festivities to begin - Durgapuja and then a small wait for Diwali. Meanwhile, I have composed a few poems and created a poetry collection. The collection has been published as a Kindle E-book on Amazon. For the lovers of strange and weird poems, the collection will certainly be readable. I have put the title as 13 Untitled and [...]

By | October 8th, 2018|Books|1 Comment

Sons and Lovers – Book Review

Sons and Lovers, the novel, holds a very important place in my life. I have read it as a student and then studied it as a grown-up man having literary occupations. Both the times, I had that mesmerising effect which is conventional as far as the novels of this quality are concerned. D. H. Lawrence becomes as detailed as Thomas Hardy and as philosophical as Aldous Huxley; it purely depends [...]

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Nothing will be the same again – poem

  The street lamp emits white and cold light tonight, as usual. It's 2 AM. Dogs bark and tear the breast of silent street, like every other night. I explore the corridor occasionally. Either happiness or sadness embraces my heart when I look down from the second floor. Tonight, the white light is dark to me. Noises are silent and the wind is still. No moon shines. No stars glitter. [...]

By | September 18th, 2018|A Poem A Day|1 Comment

प्रेम बस पाना ही तो नहीं! कविता

  अब कौन कहाँ है? किसे देखूं? प्रश्न किससे करूँ? जख्म हरा है भर जाये शायद, आज कल, महीनों या वर्षों में। पर कौन होगा अब सम्हालने मेरी बिखरती उम्मीदों को? कौन समझेगा मेरे सपनों को? याद है मुझे (तुम्हें भी तो याद होगा ही) कैसे अश्रुधार में, डबडबाती आँखों से देखा था हमने एक-दूसरे को जब हाथ छुड़ाए हमने परिस्थितियों से हारके। सहज सरल सरस बस समझ गए हम [...]

By | September 16th, 2018|Love|3 Comments

when we lost – a poem

That helpless memory of helpless me and you too, helpless and just nothing could we do about it when we had to exit our dreamy world and embrace the rotten garden; yes, once again!   for us both, forever

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Join the first Indian forum for English Literature!

Hello, dear literature lovers! How many of you badly want a web-platform to discuss English literature with other enthusiasts like you? I see 1, 2, 3 and awww! So many hands go up in excitement! That's a good news because I have brought a platform for the English literature lovers - English Literature Forum. Yes, this is a discussion board where you can register yourself and start engaging with other [...]

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The Cold Night – Weird Short Stories 3

  "Are you sure, Alok?" And the tremble in her voice was visible to my ears. I looked at her coldly for a few seconds and nodded - yes. She was afraid but her fear could not hide the frenzy of happiness that she wore over her rob after my 'yes'. I did not have anything to hide. We walked slowly back home. All along, our steps crushed the ice [...]

By | August 26th, 2018|Short Stories|1 Comment

Atal Ji – एक समर्पित कविता

अनवरत, सतत, निरंतर बिना रुके, बिना थमे, रखे बिना भेद-अंतर चलता रहेगा एक विचार जो जगाया है उसने अपने जीवन की आहुति देकर। राज-काज, राज-धर्म और धर्म सिखाया जिसने अपने वाणी की सर्वोच्च शीर्ष पर खुद भी बन गया वो आज एक राह वो पथिक जो चला था अकेले कभी, आज काफिले पे उसके दुनिया आयी है श्रद्धा-सुमन लेके!   हाँ कभी कभार दुःख अनायास हो जाता था किसी राजनेता [...]

By | August 16th, 2018|Personal Diary|4 Comments

A Thousand Seeds of Joy – Book Review

Title I Read - A Thousand Seeds of Joy Author - Ananda Karunesh Publisher - The Write Place Published in - 2018 Pages - 370 Genre - Nonfiction, Neo-Spiritual, Religious (as you like it) Suggested Readers - those who enjoy reading spiritual and interesting books, believers and non-believers alike, every reader who wants to read something really new and stunning My Rating - 5/5 stars! My Remarks - awesome! you [...]

By | August 7th, 2018|Books|3 Comments