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Best Books to Study American Literature: UGC NET, JRF English Literature Series

UGC NET examination (organised by NTA) has a very different pattern when it comes to the English Literature examination. English literature connotes a wide spectrum that comprises of literature produced in English (and even translated into English) by authors from many different countries, not only England. And a major part among those countries, after England, is played by America. And therefore, studying American Literature becomes very important for the aspirants [...]

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Life Lessons I have learnt recently #Part 1

As a child learning to walk, most of us must have heard the conventional words - life teaches us many lessons when the time comes. We learn to speak, walk, manage ourselves, manage others, and many more things as we move ahead. For a hypothetical moment, just imagine a child being a child forever and not moving ahead with time - what will happen? That particular child will remain a [...]

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What form of literary criticism do we mostly use? Close reading method!

As a student of literature in the classroom, as a teacher of literature and also as a book critic, there is one common thing that I have always been doing – practising literary criticism. A student has to attempt a critical explanation, appreciation or analysis of given lines, extracts or stanzas. As a teacher (whatever position you are occupying – a professor, a tutor or an independent teacher), you have [...]

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A Carol of Him by Twisha – Book Review

A Carol of Him is a novel written by a very young author Twisha. The blurb says it's a philosophical fiction and reading the novel might reflect the same as well. The author is only 16 and so, you can expect some naive turns and twists in her novel but does age say everything? Let me share my experience reading this one. I will share the high points and the [...]

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The Castle of Love has fallen! A Poem

  It's a night decorated with clouds that bring myriad hopes for rain. I see the Moon. Who will see my pain? I travelled through miserable caves, through destinations unheard. I prayed all that my wisdom revered. Alas! The castle of love has fallen. The glory and glee bite the dust. It begins; the rain - bathed in the fragrance of my subversion! I am the debris of myself. I [...]

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What Indian readers read at different ages? Opinion

Though I have long been a reader of fiction, the critical reading of Indian writers only began after 2014 when I completed my master degree in English Literature in December 2014. I was like breaking free. Leaving the boundaries of reading only limited books so that I could score better in the examinations felt good. 5 years ago, Indian English literature was different. Right now, it is full of opportunities, [...]

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SHE – a message for those who belittle girls – Book Review

  "Giving and taking dowry has made marriage a business, where one party, i.e. the bride’s parents, give their daughter and dowry to the other party in order to marry their daughter and save her from the ill-treatment of the groom, in-laws, and his family..." Writes Dr Sarika Jain in her debut book, SHE - a message for those who belittle girls. This is a book that uncovers the confusion's [...]

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Relics of our love…

  Relics of our love Somewhere, some random night in my random dream, I sit under the tree that stands beside a shallow pond of pure water - fish, flowers and ripples. I scratch my skinny soul. I try to find someone in the solitude of my dream; I could find if we were two - we are but one, what could I do? Weary, heavy, suppressed with the burden [...]

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Momentary vs Eternal – Love

These walls, the distance and the pain are momentary, illusionary and ugly. Believe me, once again on the clouds you will ride and come to my world, to meet me on that side. Let fate have this round and rejoice, dear, our time awaits us not here but there - the world of our choice. The world is full of truth and lies; well, I see nothing beyond your eyes. [...]

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My fall will see you rise

  My ambition, perhaps, was a little late and I might accept it, unwillingly, as my unfortunate fate. As I walk into the ocean of the infinite, I realise it will be (and has to be) an eternal fight (to death). A sudden day, I'll fall - have no surmise. But look into my eyes and remember that my fall will see you rise!   by alok mishra

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