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Poetry of Parting… I am eternally yours, M!

Since childhood, I have been a person who knows no frontiers. If I wanted something, there used to be nothing between me and that thing. Well, almost we all are like that. Sri Ram wanted the Moon. Sri Krishna wanted makhan. I often wanted misri. We all got that – Gods and human beings, at least in their childhood, share the same expertise of being adamant. With age, the body [...]

By | April 2nd, 2019|#WhenIamRandom|4 Comments

Let me die – a poem

  The Chariot Charioteer Archer the perfect arc Finite Infinite Certain Random Sustainer Slayer Let me die; so that I become immortally immune to this wheel of magnanimous eternity.   a poem by Alok Mishra

By | March 28th, 2019|Caprice|1 Comment

पथ पर जो चलो तुम पथिक – Motivational Poem

  पथ पर जो चलो तुम पथिक, एक-एक पग में अडिग विश्वास रखो। चलो, तो स्वयं चलो और भाग्य से पृथक, अपने कर्मों को सजग करो। प्रवाह में विचलित वो टूटी टहनी न बनो जो वहीँ तक जाएगी जहाँ नदी ले जाये! अपने अस्तित्व का बोध करो, स्वयं अपना भाग्य रचो। पथ पर जो चलो तुम पथिक, एक-एक पग में अडिग विश्वास रखो। भूभाग के अंत में क्या है? जलाशयों [...]

By | March 27th, 2019|A Poem A Day|3 Comments

बंदिशों को टूट जाने दो… love poem in Hindi

  पंख तो दे दिये अरमानों को तुमने अब बंदिशों को भी टूट जाने दो अनंत तक देख लेने दो तुम्हें समीप से अब दायरों को पीछे छूट जाने दो प्रेम में कोई बंधन तो नहीं होता? बताओ अगर मुहब्बत में फासले होते हों तो। शब्द तो हार गए कबके इसे परिभाषित करने के प्रयत्न में अगर कोई अल्फ़ाज़-बयां चाहत का हो तो बता दो। जताओ न चाहतें अब दूर [...]

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The Perfect Couple by Sunain Banga – Book Review

Alok’s opinion on the novel, The Perfect Couple by Sunain Banga, in a nutshell: "The book is a contemporary romance. But that's not all... The Perfect Couple has an instant connect with the young readers especially. Even though I don't read much of the contemporary romantic novels, I was compelled to read it! Like it? Yeah, I liked Ananya's attitude and Raman's passion..." Sunain’s novel, the second one, The Perfect [...]

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Love is too bright to be dark… a poem by Alok Mishra

A heart too big? A mind too narrow? A life seemingly unending? A world too daunting to live? Where is the truth I was looking for? Does love end? Does love fail? Seldom often rarely never always Yes, a hiatus a look away a pause in the incessant stroll and it will roll once again towards the destination, a destination that's destiny too, perpetually there, always true. Only lovers know. [...]

By | March 8th, 2019|Love|1 Comment

Man vs Wife by Ashish Srivastava – Book Review

Man vs Wife - doesn't it sound poetic? However, the concept behind this phrase is horrible as well as humorous at the same time. If humour wins over the horrible thought, it can be enjoyed. However, if it is literally what it seems, Man vs Wife, then one has to be very cautious; lives are at stake, a family is at the betting line and too many emotions as well. [...]

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Janardhan Talbot Vol I – Book Review

Mohan Timmaraju's debut novel Janardhan Talbot had been a curious case for me until I read it recently - the past week. It a voluminous novel when you are reading it in a Kindle format and it will take a little time. Therefore, one has to be patient enough to let the chapters move and comprehend the story which is very interesting and full of surprises - sometimes expected and [...]

By | February 27th, 2019|Books|1 Comment

Why do we celebrate Holi? by Anitha Rathod – Book Review

Why do we celebrate Holi? For grown-ups like us, this is a very simple question. We can tell the stories related to this Hindu festival and walk away. However, when a child asks the same question, it becomes very important to satisfy his or her curiosity effectively. What children learn in the early days remain with them forever. So, what should be the best way to tell a child about [...]

By | February 21st, 2019|Books|1 Comment

Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral – Book Review

Before we begin: Greed Lust Addiction by Ravi Dabral is a novel that perfectly suited my thinking, my vision and my expectations from Indian English literature. It has that serenity, a class and also the modern share of thrill and 'fiction entertainment' that the readers of young age need in a novel. Ravi Dabral has been wonderful most of the times except making this novel a little oversimplified at places. [...]

By | February 20th, 2019|Books|2 Comments