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Join the first Indian forum for English Literature!

Hello, dear literature lovers! How many of you badly want a web-platform to discuss English literature with other enthusiasts like you? I see 1, 2, 3 and awww! So many hands go up in excitement! That's a good news because I have brought a platform for the English literature lovers - English Literature Forum. Yes, this is a discussion board where you can register yourself and start engaging with other [...]

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The Cold Night – Weird Short Stories 3

  "Are you sure, Alok?" And the tremble in her voice was visible to my ears. I looked at her coldly for a few seconds and nodded - yes. She was afraid but her fear could not hide the frenzy of happiness that she wore over her rob after my 'yes'. I did not have anything to hide. We walked slowly back home. All along, our steps crushed the ice [...]

By | August 26th, 2018|Short Stories|1 Comment

Atal Ji – एक समर्पित कविता

अनवरत, सतत, निरंतर बिना रुके, बिना थमे, रखे बिना भेद-अंतर चलता रहेगा एक विचार जो जगाया है उसने अपने जीवन की आहुति देकर। राज-काज, राज-धर्म और धर्म सिखाया जिसने अपने वाणी की सर्वोच्च शीर्ष पर खुद भी बन गया वो आज एक राह वो पथिक जो चला था अकेले कभी, आज काफिले पे उसके दुनिया आयी है श्रद्धा-सुमन लेके!   हाँ कभी कभार दुःख अनायास हो जाता था किसी राजनेता [...]

By | August 16th, 2018|Personal Diary|4 Comments

A Thousand Seeds of Joy – Book Review

Title I Read - A Thousand Seeds of Joy Author - Ananda Karunesh Publisher - The Write Place Published in - 2018 Pages - 370 Genre - Nonfiction, Neo-Spiritual, Religious (as you like it) Suggested Readers - those who enjoy reading spiritual and interesting books, believers and non-believers alike, every reader who wants to read something really new and stunning My Rating - 5/5 stars! My Remarks - awesome! you [...]

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And they won! A Poem

His or her? He or she? Wounds, broken bones, fired skulls, pieces of belly, legs and chopped hands; ah! a superpower won the war. a poem by Alok Mishra

By | August 4th, 2018|Caprice|2 Comments

Familiar Stranger – Love & Mystery – Poem

Why should I stop this ever-unsung tune of warmth of this strange coldness that brings our love closer when I hold you just beneath my breath and your lips give salvation to mine and properly, carefully enshrine the bodies which pleasantly cage our happy souls and after all this, I think never to pull the curtain because we need to be free and to be free we need this mystery [...]

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Indicting Goliath by Lal Bhatia – Book Review

Book - Indicting Goliath Author - Lal Bhatia Publisher - Notion Press First Published - 2018 Pages - 286 Who should read - Indians and US and the World citizens concerned about the problem of corruption and violations of human rights and injustice Indicting Goliath is not a tall tale; it's just a simple narration by a person who has suffered into the hands of self-glorifying state called the United [...]

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Best Books to Study Geography for IAS Mains & Prelims – Expert Opinion

Topic: Trying to make out a list of best books to study Geography for UPSC or IAS mains and PT. Geography has been one of my subsidiary subjects when I was pursuing my graduation during the 2008-11 session at Nalanda College, Magadh University. It's certainly diverse and a wide horizon which hides many things beneath and lets us have a view of so many things above. There are many of [...]

By | July 26th, 2018|Books|7 Comments

Making a Poem by Vihang Naik – Review

I read - Making a Poem Who wrote it? Vihang Naik What Genre? Poetry Pages - 50 Publishers - Authors Press Rating - 5/5 stars I have been a reader of poetry for ages now! Relax, I am playing with metaphorical language these days. The one that caught my eyes this time is Vihang Naik's poetry collection Making a Poem. A very thin book, physically, contains 25 poems by the [...]

By | July 10th, 2018|Books|1 Comment

A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco – review

Book: A Dowryless Wedding Author - Merlin Franco Publisher - author UPFRONT Pages - 225 Year - 2018 Rating - 3.7/5 stars A wedding that is dowryless seems quite refreshing, ideal and also relaxing - even if we just think something as such. However, is it even possible? You need to ask this to comrade Franklin and you will get the answer - never ever ask me about marriage, be [...]

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