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A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan – Book Review

A Higher Conversation book review Neil David Chan


Reading books beyond fiction and general non-fiction has always been a fascinating experience for me. Either religious or philosophical, spiritual or psychological, ancient or contemporary, there are the books that go beyond simply entertaining or engaging you and, believe me, such books are not only wonderful but also worth remembering. A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan, a book in the spiritual and metaphysical genre if one asks for classification, has been my recent companion and I finished reading it recently. I was looking for the opportunity to review the same. And here it goes – reviewing a book that claims to be based on a conversation between oneself and one’s soul. Excited?

Discussing race and various human differences in a chapter, the author discusses with his soul and many interesting, striking and conscious ideas come up. The one I would like to quote is below:

“No single note in music is the same. They are all different. When put together, they create a beautiful tune, a beautiful song. When we hear this beautiful song, do we hear the different notes or do we just hear the tune, the melody, and the song?”

And you can see how easily Neil has been able to communicate that human beings are bound to be different from each other in race, culture, religion and various other aspects. However, it’s our unity, unity as a community of fellow human beings that makes us wonderful and this is what we must strive for.

There are eleven wonderful chapters in the book. Neil David Chan and his soul indulge in long conversations and we get to know about many things, categorised and served to the readers precisely. I enjoyed reading each one of the eleven chapters. However, the chapters that deal with the problems of the day, civilisational problems and even scientific problems that we face are indeed wonderful. One might expect from such books that problems and solutions should all be spiritual and religious or, at least, philosophical in nature. Nevertheless, it is very much scientific and you will certainly be surprised to see how easily the problems can be solved given that we all make serious efforts as a global community. Discussing the evil of possession, Neil’s inner self or the soul says:

“It is natural that if you have an excess of things, you need to protect them and the more you protect them, possession as an idea grows in size and proportion inside all of you. Today, it is too complex to de-link possession from your lives.”

And it is the truth… it is the truth that we need to realise. There are many moments of shock, realisation, regret and hope that a reader will find in the course of ‘A Higher Conversation’ between Neil and his soul. Though it might sound confusing and a little over-driven, yes, the conversation takes place and it also features how can anyone talk to his or her soul… in easy steps. It’s all about realising and practising. I find Neil’s book innovative, interesting as well as encouraging. You should get a copy and read it soon so that you can enjoy a book that goes beyond the paper and content – it directly reaches your mind and heart.

It is also remarkable how Neil has used various analogies, references and instances that are very well popular among the Indian seekers of spiritual awareness. The ways that our Yogis and Munis used to practice find a very important place when we talk about uniting the body, mind and soul. Upnishadik, Vedic and Hindu Philosophical ideas can be traced in the conversation if you read it carefully.

The author has also emphasised the need of communicating to one’s inner-self or the soul. Neil stresses the need because the human being cannot be in a state of realisation of the purpose of life unless the communication with the inner-self takes place. The harmony between soul, body and mind is essential, according to the book, and you will find many methods and steps to reach the same. A Higher Conversation will be worth-reading as a book and the conversation as well as its content will be worth implementing in one’s life.

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Review by Alok Mishra

A Higher Conversation by Neil David Chan – Book Review
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A book that compelled me to think, consider and reconsider… a book that strikes your conscious and asks the very basic questions and also, a book that seems otherwise once you see the claim on the cover that a person has talked to his soul… until you begin reading it and realise the things… do get a copy!

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