I-Spy: A Peep into the World of Spies – Amit Bagaria – Review

There are different layers of non-fiction and arousing non-fiction, I say, is the most active art of writing non-fiction. So, what is that you may ask. For me, a book in the non-fiction genre that lets your hair rise and allows your mind to become super active is arousing non-fiction. I have read many books in this category and recently I have read a number of books that I can [...]

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India, The West, and International Order – Book Review

It has been long since I read something of serious nature in terms of 'true non-fiction'. Recently, I asked the Orient BlackSwan for a copy of India, The West, and International Order, edited by Kanti Bajpai and Siddharth Mallavarapu. Published in 2019, the book is very different in nature. The book takes the readers into a world of original Indian thought - thoughts that originated in India and became internationally [...]

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Demythsifying Myths: Demystifying 18 Myths about India – Review

  What has been the 'best' lie you have been told at your school? What has been the biggest secret kept from you as an Indian citizen? What do you think are the greatest jobs of deception Indian governments have been doing all these years post-independence? Have you heard the murmurs of the political streets? Have you heard about the 'family secrets' in your locality? What if I tell you [...]

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History of Early India – Romila Thapar – Book Review

  The history of a nation is important. The sense of history in the people of a country is equally important. A country that rests on the pile of guilts of its own historical sense can never prosper; and we have too much to learn from the countries like America and China and even Japan, in this context. The history of India is very important for the world and the [...]

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American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam – Book Review

It was not long ago that I last read some book. However, it was certainly long ago that I read a good book. And I was too eager to pick up some well-known, versatile and bestselling titles to quench my reading appetite. My look-up notices finally found a reciprocation in the form of Oliver North's American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam, a war history book that chronicles the [...]

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The Great Indian Bust: A coming of age fiction – Book Review

Book: The Great Indian Bust: A coming of age fiction Author: Rishabh Bhatnagar Published by: Amazon Kindle Publication Year: 2019 Formats: Kindle Ebook Genre: Coming of age fiction, semi-autobiographical, Reviewed by: Alok Mishra Rating: 3.8/5 stars It was on my reading list for long. And as I am known for not keeping dues for long, I had to read it. The novel appears significant from its title and the appearance [...]

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Tatva, Soul & Karma by Tanuj Lalchandani – Book Review

Book: Tatva, Soul & Karma Language: English Author: Tanuj Lalchandani Published by: Author Publication Year: 2019 Formats: Hardcover Genre: Religious, Spiritual Reviewed by: Alok Mishra Rating: 5/5 stars   I have received this title a few days ago and just after I unpacked the book, I could not wait any longer to read it. However, for some reasons, I could not read it until this last Friday of July. And [...]

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A Carol of Him by Twisha – Book Review

A Carol of Him is a novel written by a very young author Twisha. The blurb says it's a philosophical fiction and reading the novel might reflect the same as well. The author is only 16 and so, you can expect some naive turns and twists in her novel but does age say everything? Let me share my experience reading this one. I will share the high points and the [...]

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SHE – a message for those who belittle girls – Book Review

  "Giving and taking dowry has made marriage a business, where one party, i.e. the bride’s parents, give their daughter and dowry to the other party in order to marry their daughter and save her from the ill-treatment of the groom, in-laws, and his family..." Writes Dr Sarika Jain in her debut book, SHE - a message for those who belittle girls. This is a book that uncovers the confusion's [...]

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The Chronicle of Golgotha Days – Review

  I have been reading this month and it has been eventful. Other than reading a few good non-fiction books, I also read a few novels from various genres. Today, I will share my review of the latest one I read by Sujith Balakrishnan - The Chronicle of Golgotha Days. To be honest and straight even before I begin writing my comments about the book, let me tell my readers [...]

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