A Carol of Him by Twisha – Book Review

A Carol of Him is a novel written by a very young author Twisha. The blurb says it's a philosophical fiction and reading the novel might reflect the same as well. The author is only 16 and so, you can expect some naive turns and twists in her novel but does age say everything? Let me share my experience reading this one. I will share the high points and the [...]

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SHE – a message for those who belittle girls – Book Review

  "Giving and taking dowry has made marriage a business, where one party, i.e. the bride’s parents, give their daughter and dowry to the other party in order to marry their daughter and save her from the ill-treatment of the groom, in-laws, and his family..." Writes Dr Sarika Jain in her debut book, SHE - a message for those who belittle girls. This is a book that uncovers the confusion's [...]

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The Chronicle of Golgotha Days – Review

  I have been reading this month and it has been eventful. Other than reading a few good non-fiction books, I also read a few novels from various genres. Today, I will share my review of the latest one I read by Sujith Balakrishnan - The Chronicle of Golgotha Days. To be honest and straight even before I begin writing my comments about the book, let me tell my readers [...]

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Literary Theory and Criticism by Patricia Waugh – Review

Studying Literary Theory and Criticism has always been a difficult task for Indian students of English literature. It is because of many reasons and today I am not in that leisurely mood to discuss all these. I am writing this article just to ensure that I convey my thoughts about Patricia Waugh's edited book Literary Theory and Criticism, published by Oxford. The book is costly (Indian standards), respected among the [...]

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Far from the Madding Crowd – Thomas Hardy – Book Review

So, today I finally decided it. I will be sharing my review of Thomas Hardy's famous novel Far from the Madding Crowd today. This novel is very close to me and I have read it many times. First time this novel came into my life was during graduation, at Nalanda College Biharsharif in the year 2009. Moreover, there are many other memories associated with this work by Hardy. Coming back [...]

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I also slept with Rashmi Verma – Book Review

Book: I also slept with Rashmi Verma Author: Sexthon (pseudonym) Publisher: Self-published Pages: 90 Genre: Erotic Campus Fiction Rating: 3/5 stars A line: It serves the purpose it intends to serve - keeps the readers engaged and entertained. I have read some of the erotic fiction. Some written by well-known authors and some by newcomers while some by just someones somewhere. However, each of these works has something different to [...]

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The Perfect Couple by Sunain Banga – Book Review

Alok’s opinion on the novel, The Perfect Couple by Sunain Banga, in a nutshell: "The book is a contemporary romance. But that's not all... The Perfect Couple has an instant connect with the young readers especially. Even though I don't read much of the contemporary romantic novels, I was compelled to read it! Like it? Yeah, I liked Ananya's attitude and Raman's passion..." Sunain’s novel, the second one, The Perfect [...]

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Man vs Wife by Ashish Srivastava – Book Review

Man vs Wife - doesn't it sound poetic? However, the concept behind this phrase is horrible as well as humorous at the same time. If humour wins over the horrible thought, it can be enjoyed. However, if it is literally what it seems, Man vs Wife, then one has to be very cautious; lives are at stake, a family is at the betting line and too many emotions as well. [...]

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Janardhan Talbot Vol I – Book Review

Mohan Timmaraju's debut novel Janardhan Talbot had been a curious case for me until I read it recently - the past week. It a voluminous novel when you are reading it in a Kindle format and it will take a little time. Therefore, one has to be patient enough to let the chapters move and comprehend the story which is very interesting and full of surprises - sometimes expected and [...]

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Why do we celebrate Holi? by Anitha Rathod – Book Review

Why do we celebrate Holi? For grown-ups like us, this is a very simple question. We can tell the stories related to this Hindu festival and walk away. However, when a child asks the same question, it becomes very important to satisfy his or her curiosity effectively. What children learn in the early days remain with them forever. So, what should be the best way to tell a child about [...]

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