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The Mystery Mountains by Aurijit Ganguli – Book Review

Hello readers! I am back once again with a book that I have recently read. It’s Aurijit Ganguli’s second novel The Mystery Mountains. The author is back after a successful debut back in 2020 with The Shambala Sutra. The first novel was mysterious, adventurous, secretive and exciting. The second one, and the latest one as well, is beyond that. It’s amazing, thrilling, shocking, informative, imaginative, well-researched, picturesque, and astonishingly exciting… you just keep searching for the dots to connect and reveal to yourself what might lie beneath all the mist and hue of secrecy. The Mystery Mountains is a novel that you must read if you want to read something really exciting on a weekend!


The Mystery Mountains Aurijit Ganguli book review Alok Mishra book critic


The Mystery Mountains begins with a premise. It states the story of Vamana Avataar of Bhagwan Vishnu but with a very intriguing twist. And anyone who might be thinking of dropping the idea to read this chapter just because they know the story must read the chapter very carefully. This is where you actually know the novel, and its core as well. Aurijit Ganguli has shown the heights of his imaginative and fictional prowess in this chapter, at the very beginning of his second novel.

There are four major characters. I will name only two, Arjun and Lisa. Two others are important but their names cannot be revealed because it might spoil the interest and the shock that a reader gets in the middle of the storyline. You need to find it out and figure it out yourself. The novel has a very distinct story. And I don’t believe any author has written about the same in detail as Aurijit has done. He has brought the peculiar antediluvian debate to the fore with his super story. How did we survive the great flood? If we suppose there was a great flood somewhere in our history, who saved us! What did the human civilization do? Were there some people or Gods who saved us? Or, surprisingly enough, was the human society evolved enough in science and technology to look out for ourselves? These questions will come to the minds of the readers more than often while reading the novel.

As is usual with Aurijit’s writing style, I can say because I have observed it in both his novels now, there is plenty of nature. You get to meet animals, trees and other natural beauty in plenty. Also, the author has written about the landscapes and places to visit in Peru in a very illustrated manner. You will be reluctant enough to have a novel as your tour guide in Peru… but, if it comes to life and death, this novel will save your day! Kudos to the author! Though sometimes the overtone that landscape painting brings to the fore might irritate the readers because of the lack of pace in the original story.

And to end, The Mystery Mountains is a novel that attracts the readers after reading the very first chapter. It takes a little time to settle with the flow of the story. However, once set, you just get on reading and never look back. The story takes many turns and clues that the protagonists have to find out take the readers to various parts of the world. The novel has maps, images, and interesting facts about our history and mythology, and it connects India with various parts of the world, especially Peru. You will surely find it more than interesting and exciting.

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Review by Alok Mishra

The Mystery Mountains by Aurijit Ganguli – Book Review
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The Mystery Mountains by Aurijit Ganguli is a mystery fiction with elements of adventure, history and mythology. It offers a cinematic experience that excites the readers to keep turning pages… till the very end!

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