Making a Poem by Vihang Naik – Review

I read - Making a Poem Who wrote it? Vihang Naik What Genre? Poetry Pages - 50 Publishers - Authors Press Rating - 5/5 stars I have been a reader of poetry for ages now! Relax, I am playing with metaphorical language these days. The one that caught my eyes this time is Vihang Naik's poetry collection Making a Poem. A very thin book, physically, contains 25 poems by the [...]

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A Dowryless Wedding by Merlin Franco – review

Book: A Dowryless Wedding Author - Merlin Franco Publisher - author UPFRONT Pages - 225 Year - 2018 Rating - 3.7/5 stars A wedding that is dowryless seems quite refreshing, ideal and also relaxing - even if we just think something as such. However, is it even possible? You need to ask this to comrade Franklin and you will get the answer - never ever ask me about marriage, be [...]

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Such is Her Life – Reecha Goyal – review

Book - Such is Her Life Author - Reecha Agarwal Goyal Publisher - Fingerprint, 2018 Pages - 178 Occasionally, I hit the deck and find a strange coin with, either, two same faces or none at all. This time, the coin is named Such is Her Life by Reecha Agarwal Goyal. This book, which I fear to call a feminist book, is strange because it has many faces. There are [...]

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Best Book for IAS Interview (UPSC)

Civil Services or the IAS exam is the toughest exam, perhaps, in the world. The most interesting fact about this exam is that not only the different stages of the exam - preliminary and mains, but also the interview is supposed to be tricky and difficult. For those aspirants who have the ambition of seeing themselves at that stage, the interview chamber for the IAS honour, knowing about nature and [...]

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The Gunpowder Prince by Michael Archer – book review

Book: The Gunpowder Prince Author: Michael Archer Published: 2018 Format I read: Kindle E-Book Pages: 145 Highlight - love reading about international wars and the hidden truths between the lines? there you go! I am, to be honest, very little interested in reading the books which don't offer anything interesting. And the ones that offer me a lot to be interested in, I rarely miss. Likewise, recently, I came to [...]

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Kohinoor in You – review

Book: Kohinoor in You Author: Mukesh Kumar Shahi Publisher: Evincepub Publishing Review by: Alok Mishra "Life is all about learning the new-new things. Never stop learning if you want to be energetic throughout your life. People will cheat you, snatch you, beat you, rape you, fuck you, kill you but a good book will always help you to transform yourself and develop many qualities in life." In chapter 25 of [...]

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Two Cheers for Democracy – Book Review

Two Cheers for Democracy - how does this title sound to you? What it clicks in the processor of your mind? Will you retweet one title like this? Well, I will review this personal classic by E. M. Forster today. Forster is someone I admire, not for his fiction, for his writing style and his presentation skills - he presents things to his readers lucidly. So, let's dive very deep [...]

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L.O.L Law of Luck – Natansh Goyal – Book Review

  What does LOL mean to you? Most of the times or maybe almost every time, it means only laughing out loud. However, for the author Natansh Goyal, it means Law of Luck - yes, the title of his very debut novel is L.O.L Law of Luck and the novel has been released recently and it is being received very warmly by the readers. Reasons are many and I have [...]

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American Maharajah – review

American Maharajah is the second novel by American author Mark Steven Levy. Like his first one, this is also published by an Indian publisher and has been released exclusively to the Indian readers because it features Indian characters and a completely Indian story which revolves around deserts of Rajasthan. This 204-page novel is very interesting and a simple read and it took me about a day to finish it with [...]

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Little Maryam – book review

Hamid Baig's debut novel, Little Maryam, is very much a novel which depicts true love in the form of a story which touches your soul, without a doubt! Saadiq's character has been designed with all the possible elements which make him a hero in the truest sense - sensible, passionate, ambitious, freakish when alone and then a person with a very big heart! Maryam also wins the hearts with her [...]

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