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USAma: is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist? Amit Bagaria: Book Review

The activities of the USA, after the Second World War, have always been interpreted in binaries – either approved or disapproved by various people who scrutinise these actions. It is, for obvious reasons, a fashion among intellectuals (somebody please define this term for me in a modern context) to discuss everything American – fashion, innovation, conspiracies and also politics. However, at one front, most of the talking heads agree – America is fighting against terror. Nevertheless, there is someone who tells the readers in his book that the USA is the world’s largest terrorist – Amit Bagaria has come up this year with an interesting title called USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist. I have read the book recently and I will share my opinions on the same.


USAma_ is usa world's largest terrorist book review


The book describes (or tries its best to do) various actions that may suggest the USA has been involved in various actions around the world that cannot be taken as noble, good, gentle or appropriate. These actions, according to the author, suggest that the USA does what it does not say and preaches what it does not practise. Amit Bagaria tries to bring together his research and special inputs about the involvement of the USA in many projects, missions and military interventions that, the author thinks and suggests, prove that the USA is power-hungry, resource hungry and it can to any extent to achieve what it wants.

The book has 33 chapters and a few other useful resources that will help the readers understand what the author has tried to explain, argue and approve in this exciting and very interesting book. USAma: Is USA the World’s Largest Terrorist, in fact, tries to appropriate the intended pun in its title. However, reading the book might give the impression that the author may have been trying to defend the real and the acknowledged terrorists and terrorist organisations around the world. It happens because of the seeming whitewashing of terror incidents conducted by the terrorists by the author. Nevertheless, it is not the case. Amit Bagaria has argued his case very well and he has given all the accounts (all possible) that will help the readers understand his point of view on how the US influences the events around the world and digs deep to find what it chooses to find and use (or abuse).

This book can also be read as the account of USA’s internal and covert operations in the context of activities around the world that might seem general to the masses but are, in many ways, for the advantage of a certain entity. Amit Bagaria’s book is indeed interesting in many ways because it also contains the data, figures, illustrations and other resources that will be very helpful and interesting for the readers.

However, let me be very clear that it is for a selected audience only. It does not contain the elements that may appeal to all set of readers – adolescents, adults and matured ones. It will only appeal to readers who are interested in global politics and international affairs. So, be very selective about your choice of reading this book… If you want to have a go, you can get the book from Amazon India in various formats and read it right away!

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USAma (2nd edition): Is USA the world's largest terrorist?
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A book that alleges USA with serious foul-play in terms of terrorism across the world. You will have to read this book to fund out what the allegations are and how they are based.

Alok Mishra

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