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The Realm Beyond The Mind by Meeta J Gupta – Book Review

The full title of the book I am going to review today is The Realm Beyond The Mind: Understand Levels of Mind, Empower Your Actions with Intelligence Of Life, Be Aware of Every Moment and Live with Love, Happiness and Abundance, written by Meeta J Gupta. Well, if you read the complete title, you can easily understand what the book is about and what content might be awaiting you. However, just ignore the elaborated title and focus on the major one, The Realm Beyond The Mind – it’s going to be about different lands, realms, and certainly, beyond the common periphery or the frontiers where we stop and don’t often go beyond… interesting!


The Realm Beyond The Mind book review Meeta J GUpta Alok Mishra


Anyways to free your mind, observe it from moment to moment and see how it gets caught in everlasting struggle. Observe every thought, the intention and emotion behind it without any judgment. Can you observe all the movements of mind without a word? Can you be in the present moment without any chattering of the mind in the backdrop?

These lines are exchanged between Master Tao and Krishnamurthy, a seeker (in real life too… but he seeks something else). Master Tao can be seen as an agnostic character who is there at the peak of the Himalayan heights to show the path, to guide anyone who wants to achieve the true meaning of life. He lives with a journalist, then he takes care of Meru, a girl who comes from a different world but not an Alien of course, and Master Tao has very good relations with Vaid Moti Lal, a major character of the book who takes care of the ancient herbs, Ayurvedic aushadhis like Sanjeevani and also cures the world with his knowledge and research in ancient Indian medicine. The novel becomes interesting because the believers in the power of this universe, Master Tao, Vaid Moti Lal, and Meru are on the one side, the doubters or the minds in to do or not to do stage, Darsh, the grandson of Moti Lal and Krishnamurthy are on another… and, there is also a character who can be said to be the antagonist – Doctor Wick, the owner of a very famous pharma company and also a very famous doctor himself. He is doing his best (including unethical means as well) to bring medicine that could cure the patients who have been exposed to nuclear radiation – this is big!

The novel surprised me because it doesn’t only have an interesting story that is filled with many interesting twists, it has many layers with many hidden meanings and symbols, lessons for life and it can also be seen as a pocket guide in fictional form – something that might inspire you to see beyond… think what you don’t think and discuss what you might have been ignoring all the time. What is the purpose of human life? You think more and more as you read and move ahead in the novel. The characters like Darsh and Krishnamurthy can very quickly be familiar with the readers and readers will also enjoy their company because they are also the seekers. Vaid Moti Lal is a realised person and he deserves what he achieves at the end of the novel. Meru also gets her due – a girl from the Crystal World who comes to meet her grandmother on the earth. Well, the novel has many interesting things, do you see?

In short, to conclude my thoughts about the novel, I would like to state that we don’t get to read such novels more often. Meeta J Gupta can surprise many readers with the make-believe world that she creates in her fiction and everything looks very convincing! Her writing is meant to be enjoyed and discussed as well… authors like her are very rare these days and she has taken a risk by going against the established conventions of contemporary fiction that many authors in India are producing these days. I think her experiment and her dedication has translated very well in the form of The Realm Beyond The Mind and readers are going to have a great time reading this wonderful novel… interesting, rich in literary qualities, deep in terms of symbolism and very convincing in terms of the storyline that it employs. Though the author could have elevated her language a little further to achieve perfect harmony with the grandeur of the theme and the size of the plot. However, in this form, the novel is accessible to all, will be enjoyed by the most and will be truly appreciated by the readers who understand the wonders a piece of literature can make happen!

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Review by Alok Mishra

The Realm Beyond The Mind by Meeta J Gupta – Book Review
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The novel deserves all the appreciation… Meeta has tried to do something different and she has been successful in achieving what she might have desired to do. The novel will take you to the lands of wonder, ancient and the unbelievable… however, you will feel like everything is very easy to believe and ride along… enjoy and do read the work!

Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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  1. The book is very different and I agree that many authors don’t produce such novels these days. I would try reading the Kindle edition soon. Thanks for this book review.

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