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The One Invisible Code by Sharat Sharma – Book Review

The One Invisible code Sharat Sharma review book self-help


My relation with self-help books has been very archaic. I have read the books by modern-day motivational coaches as well as traditional and ancient motivational gurus. I have also ventured into reading the works by authors who could not be popular and authors who have become very popular, almost larger than life. Nevertheless, one thing is common throughout – the urge of the author to offer unique ideas and vision to the readers and inspire them to do things. However, it is also to be noted that the authors who become popular in a particular age are the ones who go with the swing of a particular decade, century or period of time a trend lasts. And then, there are the authors we call evergreen! These are the authors who give suggestions, ideas and intellectual prescription that surpass the validation or any particular age – timeless! While I have had the opportunities to read many from both sides of the lines, let me discuss a book that I have read recently – The One Invisible Code by Sharat Sharma.

This book attracts right from the beginning of its existence – you look at the cover and you feel attracted – bold and bright, The One Invisible Code, which is very much visible and striking with its cover and a very deliberate subtitle, ‘An Uncommon Formula To Breakthrough Mediocrity & Rise to the Next Level‘. Going inside, the content of the book is designed after research, practice and also rigorous self-criticism; it seems to me after reading this book. I would like to praise the uniqueness of the style of delivering the thoughts of the author to the readers. Sharat Sharma does not let the chain of thought-transfer break, to the best of his efforts, and keeps pushing his ideas, vision, suggestions one by one to the readers. A chapter begins with a story in which Joy, the character that the author has created, discusses various aspects of life, personal and professional, with his Guru or Master. There are also sketches that make the stories more lively. After the story, you will see very informative sections of useful, inspiring or leading to thought content in numbered, bulleted and boxed forms. If I may hint, these are the very crux of the stories you read in various chapters – or rather the inspiring conversations you read between Joy and his master. In short, anything that you read in the book offers something to you – this or that way! 

With exercises, diagrams, designs, comparisons and tool-charts, the author has made this book a very unique piece of self-help literature. Above all, the book has been written without any prejudice, I believe. And that is why we see a very simple language that just floats across the book, from the first page to the last, making it simple for the readers to understand and realise whatever Sharat has been communicating to them. Nevertheless, there are things that might inspire some otherwise feeling in the readers. For example, the very quality of the book that the title follows a certain discipline in the chapters. Well, this is a very subjective thing – while some readers might like the content being offered in a certain way and others might want it a different way…

To pack this piece of review with my final verdict, I would say that The One Invisible Code does not compete with any book. It has its own style and uniqueness about it… it stands out to many contemporary books in the same genre by Indian authors. It has something for the readers who have just come out of their educational institutions with degrees in their hands and also for those who have already been working for a while… it tells the readers how to understand one’s own weaknesses and strengths to make a clear picture of the potential that one has and also to reach the same… With a repetition of chapter structure, which might be a downside for some readers, the book offers many things that will inspire the readers to know themselves in black and white and then act upon what they discover to reach the zenith of their prowess of potential.

Well, everything might sound poetic until you read the book yourself and make your own impression about it… you can get a copy from Amazon India in digital as well as a physical format. Click the link below and reach on the Amazon India’s book page directly:

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Review by Alok Mishra

The One Invisible Code by Sharat Sharma – Book Review
  • Alok Mishra's Verdict


It’s a unique book… no doubt! It’s a book that can convey a current of thoughts, self-driven, to the readers and, in turn, these thoughts will push you into pondering, thought-chains and, eventually, an urge to act… impressive, isn’t it? Do read the book and you will feel what I have been telling in this book review article!

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