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The Castle of Love has fallen! A Poem

  It's a night decorated with clouds that bring myriad hopes for rain. I see the Moon. Who will see my pain? I travelled through miserable caves, through destinations unheard. I prayed all that my wisdom revered. Alas! The castle of love has fallen. The glory and glee bite the dust. It begins; the rain - bathed in the fragrance of my subversion! I am the debris of myself. I [...]

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Relics of our love…

  Relics of our love Somewhere, some random night in my random dream, I sit under the tree that stands beside a shallow pond of pure water - fish, flowers and ripples. I scratch my skinny soul. I try to find someone in the solitude of my dream; I could find if we were two - we are but one, what could I do? Weary, heavy, suppressed with the burden [...]

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Momentary vs Eternal – Love

These walls, the distance and the pain are momentary, illusionary and ugly. Believe me, once again on the clouds you will ride and come to my world, to meet me on that side. Let fate have this round and rejoice, dear, our time awaits us not here but there - the world of our choice. The world is full of truth and lies; well, I see nothing beyond your eyes. [...]

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My fall will see you rise

  My ambition, perhaps, was a little late and I might accept it, unwillingly, as my unfortunate fate. As I walk into the ocean of the infinite, I realise it will be (and has to be) an eternal fight (to death). A sudden day, I'll fall - have no surmise. But look into my eyes and remember that my fall will see you rise!   by alok mishra

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शुक्रिया… तेरा शुक्रिया! last personal poem

  ऐसे बीच रास्ते छोड़ना अकेले मुझे कितना आसान रहा होगा शायद तुम्हारे लिए। पर कैसे भूल गयी तुम अब यहाँ से पीछे जाऊँ तो ज़िंदगी साथ नहीं देगी और आगे बढ़ा तुम्हारे बिना तो ज़िंदगी का साथ मैं नहीं दे पाउँगा! पर ठीक है चलो तुम्हारे इस सिले को मज़बूरी का ही बस नाम देते हैं। मेरी ज़िन्दगी में आने का शुक्रिया! मुझे मुहब्बत सिखाने का शुक्रिया! मुझे मुझसे [...]

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Shall we ever meet again?

  You are the life that I lived And rest of it was a history I never wrote nor read Shall we ever meet again? I believe that would ease the pain And let me and you live That life once more - The chaos in the oceans of our hearts Will reach the shore One day Some day A certain day alok mishra

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फिरसे जीने दो – कविता (firse jine do Hindi poem)

प्रतीक्षा की बहुत अब तक, और स्वप्न देखे ना जाने कितने! प्रेम की ये प्रतिध्वनि, तुम्हारी मुखाकृति का वो प्रतिविम्ब आज भी ह्रदय में मेरे सुसज्जित हैं, यथावत। किन्तु अब, जब पुनः सामने लाया तुम्हें मेरे प्रारब्ध, तब, और विलम्ब न होने दो! सुनो, थोड़ा तुम बोलो, कुछ मैं भी कहता हूँ। खुल जाने दो केश अपने, मैं पवन के साथ बहता हूँ। और हाथ में दो मेरे तुम अपना [...]

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suffering and love… are not different! Poem

  beauty alone cannot convey what a beautiful heart may do. falling in love too easy but to go through the tunnels of torment that lead to perfection, is tough. believe me - I say, it's true. learn to embrace your sufferings yet never lose the heart that feels love for someone always on top of your priorities. suffer but love, keep loving. beauty may die - love is eternal [...]

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I see you go away, again! a poem

  I see you leave, once again. I see you go away like a stranger turns back on another one. Believe me, there's no pain this time. What was sweet and charming between us is gone, gone with the flow. It doesn't bother either of us, whether you stay or go!   by alok mishra

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Let’s give it a try!

  Let the love not die today or tomorrow or ever in life. Let the love between us not die. Let it be the ocean it is and swallow the mistakes made by you and me. Let us try and make it into a tree that saves us from storms and sun. Here, come here darling! Let's make it the path to our glory. Even with our respective deaths, let [...]

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