I see you go away, again! a poem

  I see you leave, once again. I see you go away like a stranger turns back on another one. Believe me, there's no pain this time. What was sweet and charming between us is gone, gone with the flow. It doesn't bother either of us, whether you stay or go!   by alok mishra

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Let me die – a poem

  The Chariot Charioteer Archer the perfect arc Finite Infinite Certain Random Sustainer Slayer Let me die; so that I become immortally immune to this wheel of magnanimous eternity.   a poem by Alok Mishra

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And they won! A Poem

His or her? He or she? Wounds, broken bones, fired skulls, pieces of belly, legs and chopped hands; ah! a superpower won the war. a poem by Alok Mishra

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Fear of Life – Perspective Poetry

Life in me, at times, fears the life in you. Though I do surmise but you can find it true for obvious reasons. You have life; I have too. Still, life in me fears the life in you.   by Alok Mishra dedicated to all those who 'fear'

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Complicated Poetry

  Honestly, when was I last seen? Heard? Vacant ecstasy shallow joy emptiness stuffed; when did I last feel? Eternity lamb shepherd flow reel. Who cares what!   by Alok Mishra  

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Poetry Day 2018 – my contribution

My words are not poetry; My life is. Through ups and downs, calm and chaos, suffering and pleasure, and my every strife is poetry.

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I live like this!

Read the poem I live like this by Alok Mishra below. Make sure you add a comment if you have something to say. I live like this! betrothed to life and flirting with death, days pass by; I live and I will die. poem for 9th February 2018 Alok Mishra

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