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Alok Mishra: Journey As An Author

The Author Inside: The World Outside

The dictionary defines the term author in many ways. However, most of the times, only the professional meaning is perceived that says ‘someone who writes professionally’. Good. Alok Mishra, as an author, is a person who writes professionally. To his credit, he has one physical book – Being in Love, and one E-book – The Still Hour Glass. However, his writings, published and unpublished, do not intend at making money or using the shortcuts to fame. The publication of his first book in October-November 2012 proved this philosophy. Writing a book should never concern with the taste of the readers; it should aim at developing the humane taste in the masses. Alok has his faith in the roots of writing, those ancient roots fading gradually in the future of this modern society. The real motive behind writing seems to be absent; exceptions are always there!

“Anyone can grab the keyboard and write a book in hours. However, if you ask the mechanism behind the book, you will get surprises!”

Becoming an author:

Becoming an author ensures that you have to carry arduous and consuming responsibility on your shoulders. As an author, Alok has felt it; he has taken the blissful burden so seriously that he has to plan too much for his next book. However, talking about the first book, there is nothing more to vaunt. Being in Love is a book that focuses on a serious issue. Alok has written this book targeting the crime of honour killings in India. The communication gap between parents and the children has a major role to play in such scenario. With a fictious story, Alok has tried to weave around the remedies of this grave problem. Unfortunately, it needs more effort; the crime is still going on in full blood. Love affairs are still suffering the dubious sword of hatred in our country.
His anthology The Still Hour Glass contains the poems that Alok has written in his early days of the poetic journey. The poems cover life, death, birth, love, and illusion; in short, one might say that everything that the mind can think and a heart can feel. The poetry is undoubtedly immature; however, the passion is ablaze!
Currently, Alok has some projects on the board. He is contemplating a novel. He is also compiling latest poems for the maiden anthology.

“I do not wander around for themes. You find the best when you are still. Let the writer in you rest for a moment.”

While different authors may have different ideas of thinking about themes to write, Alok Mishra has something unique. As Wordsworth believed in ‘powerful feelings,’ but ‘restored in tranquility,’ the same goes here. As an author, he does not flow with the flux of the moment. The best comes, and must come, out purged!

More to come…

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