Why UGC NET for English Literature is absurd? My Take

Well, in the circles which I am known and the intellectuals who know me they know very well that how much unsatisfied I am with the current education policies in the country (India of course). If one scrutinises and tries to reach a final conclusion, believe me, only amusement or entire bizarre might be the end result! It is reaching nowhere; it is moving towards no destination; it's just rolling [...]

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The C Grade by NAAC for Magadh University: A Joke or Truth Comes Out?

The recent NAAC accreditation that shocked Magadh University has received mixed reactions from people in the state and across the country. While the VC of Magadh University, Prof Md Ishtiaq, is not in a position to comment anything about the lost optimism (or perhaps the shallow prudence), diverse voices are coming from the students and teaching bodies. As an ex-student of MU, I am also disappointed to learn the scenario. [...]

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