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The C Grade by NAAC for Magadh University: A Joke or Truth Comes Out?

The recent NAAC accreditation that shocked Magadh University has received mixed reactions from people in the state and across the country. While the VC of Magadh University, Prof Md Ishtiaq, is not in a position to comment anything about the lost optimism (or perhaps the shallow prudence), diverse voices are coming from the students and teaching bodies.
As an ex-student of MU, I am also disappointed to learn the scenario. The most harassing for the university authority is knowing that NAAC has awarded the Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar Bihar University a B grade! Does Magadh University deserve something lesser than this seldom spoken of institution?
However, leaving the personal ego aside, if I analyse the events as an objective critic, the verdict will be loud and lucid. The higher education system in Bihar needs a violent push! It is in a condition of utter mute – a ramshackle state! As per the report of Time of India (the TOI), the NAAC team talked to the group of students separately during their inspection of Magadh University. Fortunately (for some, unfortunately), the students exposed all the ‘gorakh dhandha’ going in the university premises. Students told the NAAC team headed by Prof. Salunkhe that no work in the Ph.D. Section can move ahead without a payment (of course illegal) to the university employees. The report published in a Hindi Daily, Dainik Jagran went to an extent to reveal that students took the specific names of the employees who receive donations! How much do you expect, sir? My question is to the Vice Chancellor of Magadh University – Prof. Md Ishtiaq.
The university system is undoubtedly in a chaotic state. Students do have to suffer a lot! The typical Bihari terms like ‘pahunch,’ ‘pehchan,’ ‘approach,’ and many others are very popular in the university campus. ‘Admission lena hai?’ ‘Bhai meri pehchan hai, turant ho jayega.’ If things go on like this, you cannot expect people to close their eyes and offer you a grade A accreditation. Maybe it’s too stony for the university authorities and all those pro-Magadh Universities to digest, but the truth is a truth! You have to accept it happily; moreover, I would not keep myself from adding that it’s, in fact, more than expected for MU!
The time has come for Bihar. The government has to look inside the education system and introspect. If that day is a vision that students from Bihar stop dreaming about Delhi University and JNU, you have to force certain transformations on the education streets of the state. Whatever comes as the aftermath of elections in Bihar, the biggest challenge for the next government to come will be higher education system.
Nevertheless, I am proud to be an MA in English Literature from Nalanda College, Bihar Sharif and do hope from my University to work-up the gaps. I am sad with the NAAC accreditation; I am very happy with the truth losing its foil and coming out bare!


Alok Mishra


Ashvamegh International Journal

Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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  1. I was totally disappointed and astonish that “MAGADH UNIVERSITY” can be awarded any type of grade. Still the admission process for PG in this university is going on where other universities is on semster-end brake. What can be future of this university where admission form and examination form filled up together. Moreover, nothing works in this university without money. If NAAC team was visited the examination department anonymousily they can easily find out the truth about the fraud certificate. However, i don’t think the future of students in this university. So, UGC should take some serious action against the university either they should sack the university or make some strong change and mingle this university in other university of Bihar.

  2. I have been a student of this university but no events took place on the given university calendar. we found many times misprint on marks-sheet and admit cards. Our university workers worked a lot to have the expected accreditation by NAAC. However, the result was unexpected for the authority. This university could not stand on measures and norms drawn by the UGC. Moreover, the students of this university have to face a number of issues while examination, admission or classes. The frustration of the students resulted in this low standard ranking of the university.

    1. I can feel your agony, Ravi. I hope the University heeds to the better future of students and the dignity of Bihar!

  3. Magadh University deserves nothing better than this. They always cheat the students. They always ask for money! What will happen of education in Bihar? Nice article and good response to the university authority! They even do not deserve NAAC grade! C is far ahead of their assumption.

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