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Dictionary of Literary Terms – why you need one

Alok Mishra tells the students of English literature why do they need a good dictionary of literary terms and literary theory. Read this article to understand the need for a specialised dictionary of literary vocabulary. Having a dictionary is always a cool idea as a student. However, most of the students of literature don't usually think it cool to have a literary dictionary or a dictionary of literary terms. And [...]

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Getting MAXIMUM Out of Your Reading Habits!

There has not been any era in the history of mankind when reading and writing were not practised. Be it on the stones or be it on the LED screens of the Kindle devices, humanity goes hand in hand with the noble practice of reading and writing. Ordinary men read; extraordinary men produce what ordinary men read; above extraordinary men write on what the extraordinary men write… and the cycle [...]

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Best Books for Studying History of English Literature

Books for Studying History of English Literature Literature in itself is different from the history of English literature. One can study the literature produced in various genre leisurely. However, no one really bothers to study the history of English literature other than the students and their teachers. Whosoever studies the history, must look for, at least once, the good books on history of literature. Students are often wrestling with the thoughts [...]

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Books on my reading list for February-March 2017

What am I reading right now? As a fellow reader, if you too have the same question to be asked from no other than yourself, you are an inspired reader who cares to read new things as well as learn. As a literary entrepreneur (sounds good and new? no, I didn't coin it), I do have to invest my time in different things - planning, executing and planning again... Nevertheless, [...]

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