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How to Become an Author? a beginner’s guide to a successful writing career

Alok Mishra writes on how to become an author and pursue a successful writing career. Anyone can become an author who has great writing skills and the patience to work hard and rework harder and continue. Read this wonderful article below! Authors always have a tough time if they are just beginning their career. They have to get their book noticed by the publishers; accepted by one of them; published [...]

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Becoming a Book Reviewer (Critic)

Book Reviews are becoming very popular and I am delighted to see many young persons coming in the groove and rolling with the trend. Yes guys! Let's read them all and let's offer our opinions - encouraging, harsh, neutral or even exaggerated! After all, we have the democratic right to read the books once an author writes it; we have the same democratic right to share our thoughts about what [...]

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The Art of Copy Writing: An Unethical Job

Art of Copywriting Yes, I am the worst copywriter! Fake praise is one the things that will always remain on the top of my list that bears a title 'THINGS I CANNOT DO'. The thing which I don't endorse, I cannot praise that. I don't like smoking and you say me to write a copy appreciating this particular brand, I will never do that. Rather, I like giving my opinion; [...]

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How to Write Your First Poem

How to Write Your First Poem? All set to write your first poem? Well done, because the toughest part is making the decision to do something! However, before you write your first poem, let me ensure that you have already written so many in your thoughts; it’s something different that you could not pen those down on the paper. Today, I will try to be your companion and make you [...]

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How to Become a Poet

How to Become a Poet : The question of every aspiring player of words How to become a poet? Really! You are asking this question on google! I am not denying that google is a great source to let you know and accumulate mass of knowledge. However, do you really think that google will make you a poet? I have seen many people search on google that how to become [...]

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How to Write Wikipedia Article

Write A Wikipedia Article: Ready to create a new Wikipedia page? I can guess you have tried almost everything in writing now and wish to try your hands at creating or writing a Wikipedia article. Good choice, in fact, made at the last! Writing a wiki article will help others in getting information about the subject you know better. This is the motto of Wikipedia - to promote best of [...]

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