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IIJNM Bangalore – is it the right choice for journalism?

IIJNM Bangalore review

Is IIJNM a good place to study journalism? Can I get an admission in IIJNM for my course in broadcast journalism? What is the average package of the outgoing students at IIJNM Bangalore? And numerous questions like these I have been seeing and answering some of them too (on Quora). However, that won’t help unless I answer all of them together in an appropriate way. And today, I will be doing the same here. I have studied the website of the institution and also talked to the faculties and people in different departments like placement, admission and other facilities. And based on the research and fact-checking, here is my assessment of the IIJNM, Bangalore.

Is IIJNM Bangalore a good place to study journalism?

The answer is – absolutely yes! IIJNM is a very good place if you want to study journalism and get into the media – print, electronic or broadcast. It has an experienced group of educators who have a very deep experience of the industry and most of them, in the past, have been working with reputed media houses, nationally and internationally, for many years. In some cases, the experience is even more than three decades! Check the profile of the faculties here:

But it is a private institute! So…?

So what? MAX is a private hospital and so is Apollo. Do we get ourselves treated by the doctors there or not? The distinction between government and private institutions does not matter much if you are serious about your career in journalism. And as my personal experience is, most of the government institutions for journalism are still running on the age-old curriculum which does not offer the apt exposure to the industry to the students. On the contrary, you will find that IIJNM regularly revises the curriculum and adds what is necessary and removes what’s obsolete. SO, no need to panic about IIJNM being a privately held institute!

And, what’s the average salary of the outgoing students? What’s the placement guarantee?

The average salary of the students passing out from IIJNM Bangalore is somewhere around 26-30 thousand per month for the freshers. This amount can go wherever you want based on your skills in the office or in the field. Moreover, as per my conversation with the placement cell, they also help the students, who, by any means, cannot secure a campus selection. They work with such students on an individual basis and ensure that they get placed with a good salary. This is something I haven’t seen in any other institution. You can check more about this on their website here:

What are other things which make IIJNM a good destination for journalism aspirants?

What about affiliations and tie-ups with journalism institutes of international repute? IIJNM has several international affiliations and associations which is a huge boost for the students. In the terms of international exposure of the media industry, this institute is way ahead of any other in India. More than that, students over there also have the advantage of guest lectures every now and then. Many well-known journalists and professors from India and other countries often land at IIJNM to interact with the students and offer their insights and advice. Recently, Prof. Robert Jensen from the University of Texas has visited IIJNM and delivered his lecture on the topic “Is Social Media a Threat to Democracy?” Here are the photographs:

So, friends, my assessment of the institution is fairly fair! You can be there and enjoy your study in a good and productive environment. Moreover, IIJNM also offers scholarships to the students who are in need of the same. So, even if you are economically challenged but you have that desire to be a journalist, IIJNM is the better option for you! And admission window is still open so better hurry and apply right now:

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