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Is teaching a profession? If yes, then how? If not, then why not?

A very significant and paradoxical question has recently surfaced among us - me and my friends. One friend of mine asked me whether teaching is a profession or not; if it is a profession then how and if not then why not. What do you think - is teaching a profession? At first look, yes, teaching is a profession. No one teaches for free and if someone accepts monetary or [...]

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Mythological Fiction: How much becomes very much? Writes Nidhi Sharma

Hey, guys! I have been writing for long and for a break, I have given the floor this time to Nidhi Sharma, founder of The Book Blog and a respected senior to me in every possible way. Please enjoy this wonderful article by her!     Have you ever visited your old school or your grandparents home after a long gap? Well, if yes, you are likely to find a [...]

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Smoking Ethics & Morals

Is Smoking Ethical? Ah! So, smokers have developed so much affinity for smoking that they suggested us to 'leave this planet'. All this happened at the ICPR conference of young scholars, January 2016. I was also a participant there along with other friends (those who came there from different parts of India). During the break, when no moderator and judge was present, I proposed the idea of having a free [...]

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