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Bihar Election Result Jungleraj Begins

Bihar Election Result

While I should (rather must, at least as political courtesy, but I literally don’t mean to!) start by congratulating the Nitish Kumar & Co. or the so called Mahagathbandhan for their victory in the Bihar assembly elections concluded only yesterday, I am pretty hopeless for the coming five years of Bihar. I must say that I am afraid with this verdict; I know what Sri Lalu Yadav ji is capable of! I thank my fortune that when the RJD was in power for fifteen years, I was unborn in early years and later not so grown up to understand and perceive the actual situation that used to persist. As now, I am aware fully, I really feel sympathy for the people who will have to bear the same for the next five years. I am horrified to imagine someone from RJD (or even from this new Avtar of JDU) in the ministry of Bihar. Most of all, as we Biharis have already tolerated one illiterate chief minister, Rabdi Devi ji, I really worry for people will have to bear another ‘almost illiterate’ depute CM – Lalu’s son. I am sure that if you give him a graph upside down, he will be unable to decipher it! What have you done, Bihar?

Bihar : How many years back it will go?

Are you people ready for the jungleraaj part II (2)? Be ready; fasten your seat-belts, Bihar is about to launch into the nerves nineties once more. As Sri Laluji have grabbed more seats than Sri Nitish Kumar ji, he and his party is all set to raid the lion’s share in the cabinet. We better know what it means. The ‘lathi’ that drinks oil, will first strike Nitish’s head; rest assure for the show. How much development can Lalu envision, we all are aware, in fact, very much informed of it. May be once again we witness the same fodder scams or the version 2.0 of it, as mr. Sushashan will be enacting the ‘bad meets evil’ with MY equation master!

Bihar Election Results : The eye-witness record : Daru and Meat!

Just after the trends confirmed me the disaster in creation to strike Bihar once again, I called my friends in Bihar. One that belonged to rural area, has exposed the means by which politicians try to victor the elections in Bihar, even in the days of sushashan. He clearly told that the JDU people offered liquor to the voters in the morning (yes, served with meat), just before the election hours! Bihar, are you serious? Will you never come out of the cocoon and will keep the blind walk on-going? Oh! I am really hurt!

Bihar : The part media played

Yes, it has done. I have so many allegations to weigh on the media that it will make a fresh post! I will be doing it very soon. However, the media in our country has surely become biased! The impact of negative and selective journalism is clearly seen marring the growth of this aspiring nation. Is the fourth pillar breaking down?

Bihar : I am proved wrong!

Yes, Laluji and Nitishji have proved me, and many others like me wrong once again. They have told us that Biharis will keep ‘voting their caste’ rather than ‘casting their vote’. Anyways, all the best to the newly elected CM of Bihar, Nitishji and hope he can do something better (though we all know what can be done with corrupt Congress and RJD)!

Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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  1. Well said Mr Alok. People are not widening their horizons. They are not getting the meaning of sustainability. Thanks to Bihar for lapsing the country’s development. One point I would like to add – for media and public speakers including the politicians. They should atleast quote our Prime Minister’s name with respect. The person who is highly progressive, intelligent, high on moral grounds, culturally strong, representative of our country and who is considered among great powers in world is talked about like some random person creates a bad impression.

    1. Dear Shruti,
      thanks for your words. You got it right, and thanks to enlighten further. People from Bihar especially, will have to broaden their understanding. They are still easily manipulated by these so-called leaders in the name of caste and religion. I am afraid if such remains the case some more years…
      And totally stand with you in the terms of todays’ media; I don’t just understand why sometimes they act utterly anti-national!

  2. Really, the part that media played affects Bihar election. About caste reality, it is true in Bihar. The percentage of vote share in Bihar of “MAHAGATHBANDHAN” is 45% equal to 18% of yadav 17% of muslim 5% of kurmi.

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