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Modi Wembley Speech and Hope For India

Modi: An Inspiring Presence at Wembley Stadium, London

10-20 years later from now, if I am at all seen on the horizon of Indian politics, I will not have any trouble in being called one of those inspired by the powerful political personae of Sri Narendra Modi. I have grown up in the dying 90s and saw the blossom of early 20s. I have heard Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee ji, his powerful verse and wonderful rhetoric. I have listened to Rahul Gandhi ji, his Kalawati folklores and suit-boot Sarkar tone. I have enjoyed the ‘sheer fun’ speeches of Lalu ji and also heard the mute voices of Manmohan ji. However, what best connects with me, and most of the Indians, is undoubtedly the loud and bold spell bounding speeches of Sri Narendra Modi ji. I have heard him many times before. However, the recent speech addressed to the Indian diaspore at Wembley Stadium motivated me so much that I am, in one sense, compelled to create this post! Indeed, Modi ji carries the pressure of Indian dreams on his broad shoulders that once Sachin has done for us… I will try to put my best in analysing the speech delivered by Sri Modi ji in London. While not that I am the right one to judge his speech, yet, as the award-wapsi sena of India, I have also democratic rights as an Indian to put forth my views.

Turn your clock: The Time Zone Connection

Believe me; I was also doing the same as directed by our Prime Minister Modi ji. I was not a part of the great gathering of 60,000 British-Indians at the stadium; nevertheless, as billions of Indians, I was also the part and parcel of the session. In front of my TV screen, I was also surprised to listen when Modi ji requested everyone to show their wrist watch. It was no less than a magic! Just turn your watch upside down and you have the time of England! Amazing!

Symbolic meaning: The British have ruled us for many years. (Bare fact, almost two centuries) Now the time has changed. India and Indians have turned things upside down. As we are always the upholder of non-violence and harmony, we will never rule a nation; however, at the same time, we are ready to compete them and march ahead in the different fields of development. The ownership of East India Company and the Jaguar are great examples of this promise.

Modi: The India on the News channels and Newspaper headlines:

The example of Imran Khan by Sri Modi was, and it had to come, a gibe on the recent leanings of the Indian media. Be it electronic or print, in recent days, Indian media is displaying an utterly ‘non-sense’ and irresponsible sense of journalism. I have already written a post about the biased roles that our media is playing. Neither I nor any conscious person in India is able to understand that why Indian media is not highlighting the achievements of our government. Is Modi untouchable? Is Modi so mean that our media houses cannot praise his vision? What’s wrong in highlighting the achievements that a person as Prime Minister of India has achieved? Are we supposed to live in the shadows of Nehru and Indira, or India should eye the future now? Modi showed Indian media a much needed mirror and told them about Imran Khan from Alvar village in Rajasthan. This person, indeed a very successful Muslim man in the so-called intolerant nation, has developed more than fifty (50) mobile applications related to education. Imran Khan has put all his applications for free download.

Symbolic meaning: I remember once Amit Shah was telling Rajat Sharma in Aap ki Adalat that the media should play a constructive role, and then only a nation can grow. Amit Shah was asked about the suicide of farmers and achhe din. He told about the plans and schemes that Indian Government has launched for our farmers. Unfortunately, and he was right to complain, no media coverage is given to those much needed news and farmers remain ignorant of their rights and information. If media can show little mercy to the bright side of the nation, I bet you that many sad stories in our nation will turn to happy ending Shakespearean plays; we need POSITIVE side of the news as well! We do not need the absurdity of Indrani will eat maggi today or she will sip soup! We do not need to know what was ‘that actress’ wearing in ‘that party’ or to whom was Virat kohli’s flying kiss addressed. I am sure most of the mainstream people would be surprised to see panels sitting on the news channels (after interrupting all other important coverage) to discuss a win or loss by the Indian cricket team. WHY DO NOT OUR MEDIA CALL EXPERTS TO DISCUSS HOCKEY AS CRICKET?

However, I should rather check my frustration with Indian media. Modi ji has already hinted them about the true face of journalism.

Modi: The 8000 villages with electricity poles and 1000 days: Is it possible?

Sure! It is utterly possible only if our system can work in accord with the policies made by our government. I am pretty sure even people from Congress party will come on the floor to agree that it is a real shame that our country has 8000 villages which do not have electricity! Better do not ask who is responsible; we all know that. Let us see the future and I hope that Sri Modi will come up with his promise and all our brothers and sisters in those villages will see the brightness of electricity in coming days.

The sarcasm: I am not sure Modi ji meant it, but it was indeed a slap on the thoughts of those loyal intellectuals who claim that Congress rule has contributed so much to Indian development.

The Suryaputra Determination: Do you stand with me to applaud? There is something called hope, and coupled it is with zeal. Moreover, with a dream that we Indians always nurture – India will lead someday! The solar energy concept is not only the prudent step and effort to mitigate the effects of global warming, but also it’d let the world know India can lead and show the world a path.

Beneath the roars: There is something called vision, which this person, Sri Narendra Modi has! I stand with him and hope we will soon be leading the 102 nations for the visionary Suryaputra Nations Council.

The bottom line: 3-4 degree temperature, cold weather and a long wait for the Indian Prime Minister… all these united could not cool the warmth in the heats of those Brit-Indians who were there to listen Modi ji. He has that talent to capture the moment! However, Indians have many hopes from this ‘stronger’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji, and the time will only unfold the future.


Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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  1. Till people like Aamir Khan are there in India, no development can come in the country! I do not understand why just everyone is behind Modi? I am a Muslim and I do not see any fear anywhere I go! Modi has been a massive influencer and the world is recognizing his abilities. I feel sympathy for the people who do not see the changing India and are dragging our lovely country back ages with baseless allegations on Modi and his government! And I fully agree Alok, people have the right to praise the right people and thing if others have the right to defame the good ones!

    1. Dear Rizwan,
      yes, I can also sense the recent developments in bollywood. Some people there are taking more than required interest in the national politics, which is, nevertheless good. However, it could be fortunate if that intention could be constructive rather than destructive! Yes, people like Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan seem no more than mere populist and opportunist now, after their utter non-sense remarks against our nation! They should learn something from people like you. Thank you

  2. Great post. You have nicely analysed the post. Yes, there are some people who are not liking Modi as the PM of India. But they should know, he is an ‘elected’ PM in a Democratic country!

  3. Very good explanation of the speech delivered by Modi to the Indian Diaspora at Wembley Stadium, London. I am not a big fan of Modi. But, I was also impressed by his speech this time. He has a vision, you are right to point it out. I am just waiting to see when he delivers the promise of his electricity dream to 8000 villages.

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