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Jungleraj Returns in Bihar

Jungleraj Returns in Bihar Once Again

Murders and Crime

Some days back, when I wrote about the election results in Bihar and annunciated the return of Jungle Raj. Came some people who where the supporters of Lalu Prasad, the epitome of corruption and synonym of illegitimate, and debated with me about my choice to criticize results of the election. However, I was not being critical; I was just being realistic, and today, most of you will agree with me! JungleRaj has already started to drop the gloomy and horrible the shadow on people of Bihar. Thanks to the worthy father of a worthy 9th fail deputy CM, Sri Tejashwi Yadav!

Bihar: Keep Counting the Bodies

And here comes another information of a death, Ankit Jha, an engineer from Muzaffarpur, lost his life. Goons or mafia persons murdered him and dumped his body in the ditch. One or two days ago, two engineers passed away after some biker gunmen shot them in the broad daylight. This assassination can trigger anyone’s mind to believe there is a link with some politicians. The two engineers from Darbhanga were demanded levy by the goons or rangdars in the local tongue. After they filed a complaint in the police station, two security personnel were employed to protect them. However, the twist comes here. On the day of their murder, those two security officers were called off! Do you see the connection? How far do you think does it go? To Lalu? To Nitish? Or somewhere else?
Murders and Jungleraj

Bihar: What might happen?

If the state keeps moving with such a high speed of crime and the lowest possible speed of development, people better get ready to see a slide down of another 20-30 years backward. There is no promise of security of lives, why will any person with talent remain in Bihar? Why will the companies establish their plants if they have to pay a larger amount than their income to the nexus of politicians and mafias?

Bihar: The remedy

Keep waiting and counting the deaths that happen! There is no remedy! This is the weakness of our democracy. Once you choose the culprit to save your life, you have to lose your life… People have shown their faith in the proven tomb of crime; it has awakened the zeal of once almost dead. Now we have to see when the cocoon of Mr. Nitish Kumar gets off so that he can consider what he has put on the stake to win his throne was the hopes of Bihar!

Jungle Raj has come and we have to save ourselves from the time-tested predators.

List of crime in Bihar after the Lalu Nitish gathbandhan sworn in:

Engineer from Muzaffarpur Ankit Jha killed

Bank robbery at Buxar

Another bank looted

Look who molested this minor!

Alok Mishra

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