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Sarfaraz Alam Sexually Assaults Woman & Arrested

Sarfaraz Alam Waves the Jungle Raj Flame in Bihar

So, in spite of all the cover-ups by the JDU and RJD MLAs, Sarfaraz Alam has been arrested on Sunday. The arrest could, unfortunately enough, come only after the newspaper reports and daring debates by Arnab Goswami on the NewsHour. Not to forget, it took the Bihar Government a complete week to finally realize that the cops were telling the truth. Moreover, perhaps the eyes of Bihar CM, Nitish Kumar, and his patron (I am not wrong to say it) Lalu Yadav seem to have lost some vision as they were busy for one week in identifying the caricature of Sarfaraz Alam in the CCTV footage. Many people might see it as the classic case of ‘better late than never,’ but it’d be the most unfortunate if they do! Arrest happens after a week of the case

JDU MLA Sexually Harasses Woman in Rajdhani Express

Let us get back to the events. The MLA, who happens to be the son of Lalu’s friend and the key to Muslim vote bank – Md Taslimuddin, was drunk, ticketless and potentially aggressive when he entered the Rajdhani Express in Katihar. He is accused by the woman to have harassed her sexually and misbehaviour. Please pay attention, if the person was not an MLA of the ruling and the son of Lalu’s friend, it would take no more than a mere minute for the Bihar Police to make an arrest. After all, it’s the case filed by a lady and concerns with sexual harassment. However, say it the grace of the CM Nitish, that this person somehow managed to remain free for seven days and kept denying that he even boarded the train. It is surprising and shocking at the same time that a large section of electronic media that seems to be so much concerned with the women safety and empowerment was utterly silent! I have a simple question to ask them – whom do you represent? Do you people represent the common people of the nation or the selective political parties? This question is valid; I can see the fervour in Media to project Mr. Nitish Kumar as the epitome of discipline and goodwill (after all, the future contender for the PM of India title). A great number of media channels has proved that they only show off when it comes to women safety and empowerment. When the real story needs to be highlighted, they score their political goals by taking stands for or against the political parties. How can you feel safe in the hands of this kind of journalism?

Jungleraj in Bihar:

I have written an article few days back about the return of jungle raj in Bihar. I believe that such kind of incidents in Bihar proves the allegations that people constantly ascribe to the state of Bihar after the coronation of Nitish Kumar as the CM back in 2015, November. I feel sorry for the people of Bihar who were hoping for ‘sushashan’. Dear people, the Duh Shashan can never do sushashan!

Jungle Raj in Bihar

Alok Mishra

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    1. Kya karoge dost? Bihar hai hi aisi bhumi ki log kya se kya ho jate hain!
      I did not like Nitish, but now I cannot even respect him as a politician. He has just drunk the venom for the sake of his crown!

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