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The Telegraph National Debate 2016 Speeches Anupam Barkha

The Telegraph National Debate, March 2016

Kajol is rightly pointing out in the background; there are many types of intolerance and political intolerance is one of them! However, I will let her speech remain in the background as she comes from the same fraternity where people act as they are told to. Yes, you may go ahead and call it my intolerance towards Bollywood, but what do I with her speech that starts with fiction – heading back to Raj and something like that! Oh! True, I cannot tolerate it dear Kajol! The major focus of my writing, this time, is undoubtedly going to be on Anupam Kher and Barkha Dutt. Anupam Kher’s speech at the Telegraph National Debate was thought provoking, almost falling again in the basket of BJP spoke person’s narrative (for some people). Nevertheless, Barkha Dutt’s speech at this event in Kolkata was realistic and it clearly states what she thinks. I liked her helpless reference to the Arnab Goswami and his NewsHour debate. Barkha, you truly are jealous of his style, his personality, his popularity and the most – of his TRP! However, ultimately, Barkha was successful in branding her new found talent, Kanhaiya Kumar. On the other hand, Anupam Kher was once again up to the standards of his personality. He successfully excelled of those who challenged his recent award.

Anupam Kher’s Speech at The Telegraph’s National Debate, 2016

Thrashing Justice Ganguly: How much you can try to defend him, justice Ganguly was caught on the backfoot. Rightly pointed out Anupam Kher, anyone will be ashamed to learn that being a high court judge, how could Ganguly say that the decision on Afzal Guru by our honourable supreme court was not right? Really, it’s a ‘disgrace’ of the position, ‘your honour’!

Surjewala was red-faced: Forgive me for being intolerant to the spokesperson of Congress, Randeep Surjewala, but I have my reasons. I have been frustrated to listen the repetitive narrative of those people chanting about the participation of Congress leaders in Indian freedom movement. If their narrative is to be taken right, dear Congress people, I was born in 1991 and thus I did not participate in the national freedom movement. So, don’t I have the right to speak about nationalism? Ah! Please stop this false narrative! There were countless people who fought for the national independence and did not even ask for a single monument; unlike your party people who fought or did not fought, we all know, but got their name recorded in the golden letters in the forged books of Indian History! Anupam Kher did his best to debacle all those narratives of Surjewala in a single word – 1984!

The duplicity of FOE: Freedom of expression? Really? When Anupam Kher speaks his mind he is labelled as a BJP spokesperson and when others even do some apparent anti-national activities, let them do – freedom of expression! At the Telegraph National Debate 2016, he effectively silenced those who question his talent only because he speaks for the nation.

The Brand Barkha Dutt:

Kanhaiya Kumar: Kanhaiya Kumar: Kanhaiya Kumar!

Do I really need something more to be written to analyse her speech at the debate in Kolkata? Oh! Of course – her jealousy against the popularity of Arnab Goswami was apparent. Dear Barkha, why did you forget that you were in Kolkata? Kolkata loves Arnab! That single person who remains constant amid the chaotic rants coming from those eight corners on the tv has eventually become the real voice of the nation. So please, put your envy in your head and let Arnab do his journalism. Unlike you, who are but an avowed enemy of the national harmony, Arnab stands up with the truth and openly challenges the negative forces in the nation.

Other worthy mentions: I enjoyed everyone who spoke in the debate. Suhel, Ganguly, Kajol, Randeep and others. However, with whom I stand, is my choice. And, I think you all know it coming to this line!

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7 March 2016

Alok Mishra

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