Modi Media Gate Twitter Trend

Annie Gowen, a member of the Washington Post (or the staff writer) reporting from India, New Delhi, has alleged that private PR agencies, who represented the Indian Government have approached her two times in recent weeks. Interesting enough, she has revealed this so much important information on the social platform twitter. The tweet of Annie Gowen has caused a flood of so many tweets from the people who are always waiting for a loophole to criticize the government of India or prime minister Modi. Same happened, once again, and PM of India is the target of intellectuals and supporters of congress and AAP.

Annie Gowen Accuses on Twitter:

However, before we reach the final verdict and announce the judgment, as Indian media has already been doing in the recent months, we should let the facts become clear. Let us have a look on the tweet from the journalist of Washington Post in India, Annie Gowen:

I have requested her to disclose more information about the ‘alleged incident’ on the same platform:

Let us wait for Modi Media Gate Results

Whatever comes as the curtain is removed and the incident comes into the limelight, we should be ready for two clear things. If the Modi government is really approaching the foreign media for publicity stunts, it is not a good sign! Indian population has voted him for development, not for media management… However, if behind the scenes things are again something like ‘these’ people organizing the event to make another attempt to defame the Modi government, it is highly shameful!
Meanwhile, twitter is flooded with the tweets with the #ModiMediaGate hashtag. Modi Media Gate must be a name selected by one of his greatest critics! After Lalitgate, Sushma Swaraj, and Vasundhara Raje, this Modi Media Gate seems to be another pain in the head for Narendra Modi. We have to wait & watch, as it has been the only thing we common people are doing after voting in the elections…

However, later Annie Gowen has tweeted this and it shows something you should better know!