Happens Only in Delhi Metro

It might look surprising to a newcomer in Delhi, but the things are usual. Delhi Metro is full of surprises for you. You can see a number of activities happening in Delhi Metro, and more specifically – ‘inside the train and station area’. So, what happens inside Delhi Metro? I came to Delhi in April this year (2015). Fascinated about travelling in Delhi Metro, the initial journeys were no less than wonder ride for me. After 3 or 4 rounds of left and right, I got the heck of the thing that why people call it the lifeline of Delhi. Delhi Metro pulls a great burden on its iron limbs. It should not sound a wonder that more than 21 lakh people travel daily with Metro in Delhi. You can assume the service it provides to Delhi people. However, I am not writing this post to chant the goodness Delhi Metro has been to everyone. We all know the part it plays in the daily life of Delhiites. Rather, I have different issues to address today.

what happens inside delhi metro

What Happens Inside the Delhi Metro?

If you are also looking for something to justify ‘it happens only in Delhi Metro,’ you are at the right place. For me, the things peculiar which seem, I will illustrate all those here. I encourage people to share their experience of the metro ride as well. Moreover, I do know what would come out in the most…

Going to Malviyanagar from CS (Central Secretariat)

I do not know why but every time this strange incident happens in the way. Get inside a metro train towards Malviyanagar from CS. Before Udyog Bhawan arrives, you should see half of the metro lights off without a fair cause! Moreover, the same case remains while coming back to CS. I doubt if there is a ghost somewhere on the way! Do you agree? haha

The English Attitude

Delhi Metro is for people with average monthly income. We all agree to it. However, I have seen on many occasions Indian-born Britishers travelling in metro trains. Before you think of punching me for a KO, let me have my say. In the first incident I would like to share, a pure Indian mother was scolding her 2 years old son – ‘beta please, leave that. You should not hold that handle.’ If I am not wrong, a 2 years old desi beta can never understand this language. What is the use of spoiling his childhood by inappropriate usage of language? Will people around you say something if you put off your ego and talk in Hindi? I do not get the meaning of this English Attitude!

The Padhaku Bache: Reader Inside You!

I am sure those guys would never turn a page when they are home. In the metro, however, they just become the most studious students. I still remember what Shaktimaan said in his ‘chhoto chhoti magar moti baten’. “You should not read anything while travelling. Your eyes might get hurt.” However, these are kids and youths 2.0. Re-designed and re-furbished! I am not a person to compete with them!

Music Maniacs on the Move!

Big headphones and stylish earplugs are always on in Delhi Metro. You will find those dashing boys and sexy girls turning to music lovers in the train. It is not something that I complain about. It’s just fine. You should have a time-pass while in the metro; people are doing everything else except travelling!

The Roadside Romeos in Train: Making Love in Delhi Metro

I understand people want to listen to the narrations and brave ballads of couple making love inside Delhi Metro. I am here to let you have this chance. Not more, but I had the misfortune to witness at least 10 instances of couples making love inside the train. I call it PDAs. P stands for the public; D stands for display, and A for affection. Thus, PDA means Public Display of Affection. Once again, I am not against it. Nevertheless, the couples who want to make love in the public service of Delhi Metro should put a petition in the Supreme Court of India asking for a reserved coach in all the metro trains. This coach will be reserved for couples, like one is for the ladies only! This step would ensure that people of old age travelling in the metro, would not have to bother about this hybrid younger generation who wants everything at once!

This is all I had to say about my experience in Delhi Metro. I would like to have your narrations.