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Patna Book Club – a spark of intellectual discourse

This Sunday, 4 April 2017, was quite amazing. Though I am not a big fan of food chains (be it big guns or the start-ups), because of peace and comfort, I was at the Cafe Coffee Day, Gandhi Maidan, Patna. There were 7 people, including myself, and two others joined later. A gathering of nine heads does not sound like a gathering at all, does it? However, it was remarkable [...]

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Valentines Day Songs & Humorous Love Story

Best Love Songs for Valentine's Day & Funny Love Story Valentine is again here and the hearts are pounding with love for 'someone' special around. Why not, when love strikes, love strikes! Well, I am not writing this to express my feelings about this special occasion. I will present a 'song-story' of valentines day. How love happens; how it deepens; how it reaches the height; how it slips; how it [...]

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Malda Kaliachak Riots and Media Silent

Malda Kaliachak Riots & Modi Mania of Media Modi has been the hottest topic for discussion in India (and perhaps internationally as well, though Rajdeep and his wife Sagarika, and Barkha won’t agree with me) since when he took the oath as the Prime Minister of India. Rightly pointed out an online news destination that you will daily see a tweeter war amid pro Modi group and against Modi communities. [...]

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What Happens Inside Delhi Metro

Happens Only in Delhi Metro It might look surprising to a newcomer in Delhi, but the things are usual. Delhi Metro is full of surprises for you. You can see a number of activities happening in Delhi Metro, and more specifically - 'inside the train and station area'. So, what happens inside Delhi Metro? I came to Delhi in April this year (2015). Fascinated about travelling in Delhi Metro, the [...]

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