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Valentines Day Songs & Humorous Love Story

Best Love Songs for Valentine’s Day & Funny Love Story

Valentine is again here and the hearts are pounding with love for ‘someone’ special around. Why not, when love strikes, love strikes! Well, I am not writing this to express my feelings about this special occasion. I will present a ‘song-story’ of valentines day. How love happens; how it deepens; how it reaches the height; how it slips; how it falls, and finally the process is repeated again! Yes, it’s humorous… I hope you will like it. It’s not, in any way, intended to hurt the sentiments of anyone. Please take it lightly and enjoy the valentines day!

Love Happens:

It feels so right
so warm and true
I need to know if you feel it too…

Yes, when someone falls in love, he/she feels the same. It’s warm; it’s so right. I have selected a legendary love song by Foreigner to start this story. The protagonist of our story is named ‘Loveless’ and he is a 21 years old handsome boy. Just before the valentines, he had another break-up. He meets a beautiful girl of 19 and falls in love with her. He just thinks that he has been waiting for a girl like her. Let us understand the feelings of our Loveless through this beautiful song ‘I have been waiting for a girl like you: read the Foreigner’s lyrics here

Love Deepens:

Yes, this time also, the love of Loveless deepens very soon. Within a month, he declared his new birth with his beloved. He was feeling like ‘with her, he was born again’. And why not, they spent time together, those kisses, those late night clubs, those drugs and wine parties… ah! so many are the events to be commemorated! For this feeling of Loveless, I have ascribed the song by Billy Preston and Syreeta. The very famous love song, one of the best and an 80s classic – with you I am born again. Let us have a glance how did Loveless feel with his new love: read Billy Preston’s lyrics here

Love Touches the Heights:

Oh! It has happened! Loveless is so much in love with his beloved number …. (I don’t remember) that he thinks ‘he’ll be there for her always’. He tries to assure his beloved of his feelings. He tells her that he will always remain with her whatever happens and wherever she goes. Guess? Yes, it’s I will be there for you by Backstreet Boys! No other song could describe the feelings of our hero Loveless. Read the lyrics of I will be there for you here

Oh no! It Slips…

It was all good only until one day oneness of Loveless and his beloved came almost to the breaking point. It was something like they both were caught by each other! On a random day in the winters, Loveless was in the Wild Horses meditation club with his colleagues. He suddenly saw his beloved with someone else and she was just doing some explicit meditation poses. Ah! It fell heavy on Loveless! Poor Loveless! He was feeling like betrayed and heartbroken… He could not digest that someone he loved was loving someone else… Very soon, there were many wars of words between Loveless and his beloved. They both were almost ready to ‘take back their love’. Yes, Enrique’s song ‘taking back my love’ fits well here. Read the lyrics of taking back my love by Enrique here

Love is Gone!

And the day came when our poor Loveless had ‘one last cry’ about his lost love. He could not bear the pain of seeing his beloved with someone else. He cried again and again and thought he will never see her again. Finally, Loveless decided to weep the last tears for her. To understand how did Loveless feel, we can see this song by Brian McKnight – One Last Cry. This song is one of the best sad songs in the history. Read one last cry lyrics here

History Repeats: but as soon as that?

Yes, it was the season of spring and after some days, valentines was coming again. Loveless was ‘back on Boogie Street’. He was once again hunting for a new ‘valentine’… yes, this is the story of modern times. Love happens and happens again and again it happens… Let’s see this song by Leonard Cohen – A thousand kisses deep:

Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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