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Malda Kaliachak Riots and Media Silent

Malda Kaliachak Riots & Modi Mania of Media

Modi has been the hottest topic for discussion in India (and perhaps internationally as well, though Rajdeep and his wife Sagarika, and Barkha won’t agree with me) since when he took the oath as the Prime Minister of India. Rightly pointed out an online news destination that you will daily see a tweeter war amid pro Modi group and against Modi communities. Even the contribution of media houses (be that electronic or print) cannot be side-kicked in those 140 character battles! However, will media only respond when it’s the question of Modi should speak or not; Modi was there or not; Modi did it or not, and any question related to Modi? People may disagree with me (or most will perhaps now agree) but from the beginning, I was of the opinion that the electronic media of India is nowhere near to the pedestal it can act as the fourth pillar of our democracy. It has been sold out in pieces, except some channel(s) who has the guts to bring forth what is the reality. The recent example is riots in Malda. Will you believe that an entire police station is burnt, a person is openly threatened on live television upon his life, Hindu families are tortured and misbehaved, cars, trucks and buses are set ablaze and the media fraternity (including print) is asleep? Is it only because Bengal is a Muslim populated state so the CM Mamta has bribed all the media houses not to publish or display the news about what’s going on in her region? Or any other be the reason, but, let us face that a larger section of Indian media is fake, hypocrite and highly paid to execute selective journalism. Malda riots by Muslims has proved once again that there is no existence of truth when you are watching NDTV, Times Now, or ABP News. They cook up stories to alleviate their TRPs.

The Muslim Groups on the Road:

It was Sunday, the day that proved to be a black day for the Hindu minority group in that small village of Malda – Kaliachak. According to reports, 1.5 lacs Muslim men were on the road and they brutally vandalized the police station, burnt vehicles, beat police, insulted women and harmed the wealth and goods of Hindu public in that village. If you are still in awe, yes, let me assure you I said 1.5 lacs! Can you imagine? And except Zee News, all other so called democratic and largest media channels were silent, mute and captives! Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai (who we all know is anti-national) and terrorist-turned-news anchor (or vice-versa) Barkha Dutt were busy in enjoying their vacations. Even the print media ignores such a great havoc in Mamta’s ruled Bengal. Is Malda not a part of India? Is this not a show of intolerance? However, no group of these mental slaves of Nehruvian mongers voiced any sort of dissent with this naked dance of barbarian act or returned any single award!

I Question the Media:

When it comes of a shawl that Modi decorates on his body, renowned anti-national journalist Sagarika tweets and even fights with those who disagree with her. However, a whole minority community of Hindus was living amid the horror of death, and she was busy in propagating the egoistic and dictatorial verdict of the odd-even mess in Delhi! This is what journalism looks like in true sense; only that day we could learn this lesson. Her husband Rajdeep, the world popular after a hard slap in the USA, was busy in somehow mending the grounds by drawing a parallel line between Malda and Dadri. ABP news, AAJ Tak, NDTV, IBN, India News and simply everyone except the Sudhir Chaudhary led channel Zee News ignored the horror committed by this blood-thirsty Muslim community. Read more about the issue here

WHERE ARE THE intellectuals?

The reason I have put down intellectuals in small is they deserve it! We give them footage by considering them intellectuals. In fact, they are the stooges in the hands of Sonia and Congress. Patronized by them, they feed on the pieces thrown by the Gandhi family! Not even a single word? I am amazed! The lady I just assure you will say even Kejriwal’s journey to Pluto is right in the terms of Delhi, Saba Naqvi, tweeted in a laxest manner a link from a sold out site scroll. That uncivilized post reflected Mr. Anupam Kher as a person who is not genuine, and not only that, all others who questioned media were impatient and something unusual. I ask scroll, how much did that lady in hawai chappal give you?

The real fear:

Are we going to see another Kashmiri Pandit like exodus in Malda? Kaliachak will be bereaved of those Hindus living in fear and gloom? These are some of the many questions that Bengal Government has to answer, and Modi Government has to think seriously! It has been the history of our nation that crimes on Muslims have caught most of the eyeballs and horror against Hindus have been put in the coffin. Let us see what the time brings this time! However, six of the nine detained have already got the bail! Zee News

An Appeal:

I don’t have any affinity for Hindu groups who commit a crime! I criticize that as well. Neither do I have any hatred fro Muslim community; I understand there are few groups in both the sides who don’t want to let us remain at peace. The need of the hour is – identify and ban them!



Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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  1. It is very discouraging to see the main stream media acting like nothing has happened! We have always been suppressing Hindus in the name of majority. What will people who call themselves intellectuals say? They must be silent because it seems secular what’s happening in Malda!

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