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The Juvenile : The Law : The Rape : The Release : Nirbhaya, do you see it?

Nirbhaya Rapist to Walk Free?

Let’s face it today. The entire nation is breathless waiting for the verdict on the release of this juvenile rapist of Nirbhaya. The shame of the nation is that a person (be that 2, 3, 4 or 17 years old) can rape a girl but cannot be named as a criminal; rather, he is termed as a juvenile who has acted in such a way because of some mental turbulence. Do you buy this argument, dear reader? I have always questioned our law, because it says IPC, but actually, is not IPC – it’s a brit-made old bunch of sections! It has loopholes that can be breached so easily on the basis of age, mental condition or the ultimate power of money.

Nirbhaya Case and the Juvenile’s Act:

Today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, the Rapist will be free to walk on the roads once again. It is as simple as that – a dog’s tail can never be straight! On what basis our law says that it can reform the juveniles, is a subject to debate and argue. It may be protracted into years, and there will be no conclusion it’s my guarantee. A person, still called juvenile, was the most brutal and inhuman of all those convicts. Do you believe he will be released? The citizens of the nation are still in awe, but the politicians cannot let go even a second of time that gives them an opportunity to warm their pockets politically. 3 years have passed and still our impotent politicians could not amend the law to ensure that no criminal can jump the barriers! They have just debated futile; stalled the parliament, and blamed each other like hell. A SINGLE STEP COULD NOT BE TAKEN in the terms of securing the justice for them who have been victims of these juvenile rapists.

Juvenile Crime : Why we need the law?

Not only justice will be done, but also, a strong message will go to all those underage! They will fear before thinking of such a heinous act. Rape; rape; rape; rape and rape! Daily we listen in the TV news; read in the newspapers; listen from our friends and come to know via other sources, and some of them are committed by these so called misguided youths. A girl is raped; juvenile is sent to be ‘reformed’ and gets released once our judiciary system thinks he has been ‘reformed’ enough to continue in the civil (really? Are we civil?) society. Is this the justice delivered? I ask you all today. We helplessly and hopelessly need a strong low to ensure that howsoever be the rapist, whatsoever be his age and mental condition, should be punished. If his mental state or age can allow him to rape, what makes our law so low that it cannot punish the person? Why the advocates and judges of this intolerant nation become so much tolerant that they digest such a crime without securing a strong punishment?

TOI Report: Nirbhaya’s father claim condition of women worst under AAP govt. in Delhi

Juvenile Reformation? Where should it exactly take place?

And what the law says, to an extent, is right. Yes, reformation can happen; however, you can seldom reform someone who has already committed a crime. Not everyone is Valmiki! The reformation that juvenile criminals undergo should take place in the schools, families and society before someone becomes a criminal. Teach a child what is honour and pride; let him know how to act civil; make him learn how to respect a woman and treat a girl; aware him about his limits, and then reformation will take occur. Ask the judge or the prosecutor who advocates about the release of this juvenile what they would do if this person had raped their own daughter? Would they believe this reformation? All I have to say is political parties and politicians should elevate themselves from the level of politics at least for a while and ponder what they have done. I am sure they will be ashamed! Ashamed we are to live in such a nation where criminals walk free and law just remains as the cuckold whose wife has walked away with someone else! Let us see what this Nirbhaya re-awakening brings to the Indian Penal Code…

Alok Mishra

First and foremost a poet, Alok Mishra is an author next. Apart from these credentials, he is founder & Editor-in-Chief of Ashvamegh, an international literary magazine and also the founder of BookBoys PR, a company which helps writers brand themselves and promote their books. On this blog, Alok mostly writes about literary topics which are helpful for literature students and their teachers. He also shares his poems; personal thoughts and book reviews.

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  1. Your emotional take on any law will not be good in the long run. There is a recent case of a teenage girl from Pune who wanted to join ISIS, who can do more harm than the juvenile and everyone is talking about sending her to reform home as well. We can’t show lynch mob mentality for our juveniles. That may come back to you and your future generation as well.

    henious crimes committed by matured women never led to any law change or any outage. Rather criminal women like Rohtak Sisters were given bravery awards and Jasleen Kaur raised to fame. This is how feminism has become shameless today. No, One Nirbhaya Case can’t determine fate for all boys, that will be dangerous for our future –

    1. Dear Partha,
      thanks for the information. Yes, I too had in notice some girls (one was even the daughter of an IG perhaps) who would join ISIS if not stopped. And I do not support in any case the reformation of a criminal. Be that a girl, a boy or anyone. A criminal is a criminal; that’s all!
      Whereas your second para declares that one Nirbhaya case cannot determine the fate of all boys, I agree to that. However, any boy, who rapes, should be punished as severe as anything else. There MUST be no place for rapists in our society. You cannot justify a rape in any possible way!

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