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Hardaul Ek Bharatiya Yuva ki Soch | Book Review

I remember very well that I used to steal money from my mother's hidden corridors of savings. Before you make perceptions about my character, I used to do it for purchasing books! I love reading since the time I learned how to read. Hindi books helped this habit and made me an ardent reader of Champak, Nandan, Nanhe Samrat and some Dhruv Comics series. With time, English literature too joined [...]

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The Hawk’s Melancholy

The Hawk's Melancholy a poem by Alok Mishra A dried reservoir a lacking effort a failed creation a dead day dream an incomplete journey an empty completeness still the day rises, day after day; still the night falls, night after night.

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Bharat ke Tukde: Poem on Patriotism vs Anti-nationalism

राष्ट्र विरोधी ताकतों के नाम एक सन्देश कविता के माध्यम से    कर ही दो अब भारत के टुकड़े और ले लो कोई कोना तुम लोग, वहीं ख़ुशी से नाचो गाओ विरोध स्वर में नारे लगाओ अपने टुकड़े को भी और तोड़ते जाओ। पर जाओ, मेरी बलिदान की धरती से दूर जाओ और ले जाओ अपने साथ 'दूषित' अभिव्यक्ति की आजादी को भी की आजीज हो उठा है अब हृदय [...]

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Best Books for Studying History of English Literature

Books for Studying History of English Literature Literature in itself is different from the history of English literature. One can study the literature produced in various genre leisurely. However, no one really bothers to study the history of English literature other than the students and their teachers. Whosoever studies the history, must look for, at least once, the good books on history of literature. Students are often wrestling with the thoughts [...]

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Literary Entrepreneur: what it takes to become one?

Literary Entrepreneur There might be nearly one lac definitions of an entrepreneur in the modern context. However, if I twist the question and mix two breeds together - a literary person & an entrepreneur, what do we get? We get a literary entrepreneur and the definition of this hybrid personality, I believe, is tough to find out. So, what does it take to make a literary entrepreneur? No no, certainly, [...]

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Books on my reading list for February-March 2017

What am I reading right now? As a fellow reader, if you too have the same question to be asked from no other than yourself, you are an inspired reader who cares to read new things as well as learn. As a literary entrepreneur (sounds good and new? no, I didn't coin it), I do have to invest my time in different things - planning, executing and planning again... Nevertheless, [...]

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19th Akshauhini algorithm of the Gita Simplified | Review

What could be a day more auspicious than this day - Basant Panchami and Saraswati Puja. On the one hand, we welcome a new season - the king of all the seasons, the spring and on the other, we worship the goddess of wisdom and intellect, Devi Saraswati. I chose this day to write once again about a wonderful book on Gita that I have received from Haribakth, the author [...]

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Saraswati Vandana Poem in Hindi

वीणावादिनी, स्वरा, विद्यादायिनी देवी ज्ञान की विवेक की जननी शत शत नमन तेरे चरण माँ सरस्वती। मृदु स्वर कंठ को विवेक मन को सुविचार जन जन को पुन्ज ज्ञानप्रकाश की क्लेषित जीवन को सदा तू देती। शत शत नमन तेरे चरण माँ सरस्वती। कुंठित मानव, रुदन क्रदन कुंठित हुए हैं जन भाव अज्ञानता के वन में विचरण कर रहे कृतियाँ और काव्य! तेरे द्वार खड़े हैं हम लेकर अपनी व्यथा [...]

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Book Promotions & Marketing: Online Reviews, Digital Space & All You Need to Know

Book Promotions & Online Platform: My Experience It has been two years since I started working in the field of book promotion & author marketing, back in January 2015. In my journey as a promotion specialist, I have come across different kinds of challenges. The most common among them is the challenge of giving a book the right kind of digital treatment it requires. Which is, if you know the [...]

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Blood in the Paradise | Book Review

Blood in the Paradise: Book Review How much can you suppress something which is meant to bounce back, to say, a spring? When the energy within reaches the zenith, it bounces back and bounces back with such a strength that the person who has suppressed cannot resist! Something like this you will get to read in the book by Madhav Mahidhar, the author of Blood in the Paradise. This is [...]

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