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Never Seek to Tell thy Love | William Blake | Analysis

Well, gone are the days I used to bother about assignments during my college days. Still, once again, it's Too Little Too Much! I have an invisible assignment to complete and I will complete it enthusiastically. Most of you, who are the serious readers of poetry, must have been troubled once or many times by the writings of William Blake which are far more than just being serious - clandestine, [...]

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She looks into the mirror – a poem

  She bends to see what rubbed her bare foot and picks the petal of that broken rose. She walks close to that mirror and observes her 'another' self. She blushes as touches her lips, cheeks and nose. She looks into her eyes and faces 'her'. She smiles as she blows that petal away and mutters some secret mantra. She showed the mirror to a mirror today and was happy [...]

By | September 8th, 2017|English Poems|2 Comments

Sweet Caprice: A poem

  And then one day, after years of solitude and wounds, I exchanged smiles, thoughts and those emotions which stay behind the worldly attire - clandestine. Did I meet my shadow? So familiar to me but not a part of me, certainly. The breeze; the petals; the flowers and the Sun, Moon and stars, all eager to come and shine. O Caprice! Quicker it came and in quickest was gone! [...]

By | September 3rd, 2017|English Poems|2 Comments

Mythological Fiction: How much becomes very much? Writes Nidhi Sharma

Hey, guys! I have been writing for long and for a break, I have given the floor this time to Nidhi Sharma, founder of The Book Blog and a respected senior to me in every possible way. Please enjoy this wonderful article by her!     Have you ever visited your old school or your grandparents home after a long gap? Well, if yes, you are likely to find a [...]

By | September 2nd, 2017|Books, Debate Issues|1 Comment

Priyanka – A Pakistani Girl: Prabhat Ranjan’s next novel

So, finally an author has decided to break the ice on the issue of minorities in Pakistan. And surprisingly, the author I am talking about is not an author who has already enjoyed the 'established author' stature by writing some teen-soothing sagas of love or some impotent murder mysteries or some leg-broken love stories which only depict love-making as if there is no 'love' beyond this body! I am talking [...]

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A Literary Date with Writeress: a day to remember!

With a rough life of around 30,000 days, a person is so messed up that he [(or she) and it is to be supposed in general statements hereafter)] cannot remember all the odd days. Nevertheless, there are the days which just stick in a corner of his mind and even after thousands of reboots every morning, they aren't gone. These days remain with the person forever. I am sure most [...]

By | August 30th, 2017|Personal Diary|4 Comments

Conundrum – a poem

  Never too close, you were to my heart, the heart which could not be close to my soul, and soul which couldn't be mine ever. What had I to lose? What best could I get? And who defines the loss and gain? Pleasure and pain? Wilderness is sane and sanity in vain... saga of the world I live (and he left way before).

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Soulless, am I?

Did not murder; did not commit some crime. Never abducted the wants of my neighbours and nor did I hunt a tree in its prime. Even on the crossroads, I did not make any deal! Where is my soul? Where is it gone? I do not feel; I do not sympathise; I do not cry when my brothers die and my sisters raped. Where is my soul? Am I the [...]

By | August 19th, 2017|English Poems|1 Comment

The Elephant Chaser’s Daughter: Review

The longer we suppress something mightier the explosion is. Do mind that I am using the term explosion in a metaphorical sense and this is strictly metaphorical only. India is a country of peace and chaos; and mind you, they both remain in this nation at the same time! If you see the Indian subcontinent from the moon, you will believe that 'God in his heaven and all is right [...]

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Paradigm Shift – A Poem

  Paradigm Shift I see there; I see the light evoking my steps which are caught, tied and stopped by none but myself. I see there; I see the light urging my soul to free itself. But with scars of the fresh wounds on my body, it cannot travel. I see there; I see the light pleading my 'mind' which is at peace with war, almost in an ineffable way [...]

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