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Ghostbusters and Other Stories | Book Review

Short stories are surely the most challenging form of prose fiction because an author has to convince the readers in the fewest of the pages ensuring that he provides entertainment, enlightenment, poetic justice and also the reading satisfaction. Those who read the short stories in plenty must know that why the likes of Anton Chekhov and Saki are adored by the readers! In India, though, there has been a constant [...]

By | October 9th, 2017|Books|1 Comment

मेरे शब्द | My Words | Web Poetry Series – Poem One

  जाने क्यूँ ये शब्द मेरे व्याकुल हैं तुम्हारे सान्निध्य को, एक बार फिर से? तुमने ही तो ठुकराया था इन्हें, अपनी ख़ामोशी से जब मैंने पूछे थे कुछ सवाल। मैं तो शायद समझ भी लूँ अपनी विवशता और मौन हो जाऊँ फिरसे पर ये शब्द मेरे तो बंध नहीं सकते किसी मानव बंधन में! स्वतंत्र हैं स्वाधीन थे स्वाभिमानी ही रहेंगे और पिरोते रहेंगे एक एक करके कविताएँ कल [...]

By | October 3rd, 2017|#MyWords Poetry Series|1 Comment

Bleeding Queens

Bleeding Queens is a not a super-woman novel that a reader can find if the pleasure of Wonder Woman movie could be transferred to a novel of the same name. Neither is this a fiction book featuring the typical Chetan Bhagat style heroine whose only job is to somehow get along with the nincompoop or extraordinary looking male counterpart. Bleeding Queens has been written with a purpose which is wider [...]

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The Journey Continues… a poem

Trouble, only trouble for my soul I bring knowingly when I let my heart astray and walk along the way which leads nowhere but dilemmas and dismay (which we all know well). For the human I am, I will err. For the divinity made me, I can be better! A new morning with the constant Sun and a night with the moon will surely come, like yesterday. And I promise [...]

By | October 2nd, 2017|English Poems|2 Comments

Books & Tips for CBSE NET English Literature

  So much has changed about the UGC NET Examination. Hold on; the CBSE NET Examination I should say. And recent developments have confirmed that after this November 2017 examination, aspirants will have only one time a year party hosted by the CBSE authorities - a single time NET examination in a year. Moreover, this new decision also ensures one thing that the NET aspirants will have to work very [...]

By | September 23rd, 2017|Books, English Literature Notes|6 Comments

You reach or Love comes? | Poem

  "No! I shall never go back! "Never shall I! "I never shall go "to that street again!" Firm was his choice and flawed was his fate. Who could ever rejoice standing on the heaven's gate? Tell me any single soul unaffected by that Cupid's bow; show me that virgin heart ever unpierced by his arrow; "I know! Now I know! "I know for sure what you mean. "Time may [...]

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An Apology for Shakespeare | Review

An Apology for Shakespeare is a beautiful collection of poetry by an experienced Indian poet from Kerala, S A Joseph. This collection of poetry, as the author has put it, is a defence of poetry in the language of poetry itself. This is not a defence based on the theoretical aspects of poetry but in a rather direct way - telling the readers the worth and beauty of the art [...]

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My Insignificance – a poem

  The Sun rises every morning in the east but not for me alone! Gods have vanished from the earth long long ago - far from mankind but not just because of me they're gone! Scholars are born and so are the fools every day but no bills to me are shown! To many a battle I have been with my sword and shield but some are lost and some [...]

By | September 17th, 2017|English Poems|1 Comment

My Poetic Angst! | A Poem

  I wonder why I wander when I have my vision in front of me - smiling! Though, I do fear if my angst is her glory, tacitly for she speaks lesser. Should I then go back to my respite away from one and all? For once and forever this time! But O' life! O' that strange pleasant pain! Neither can I move nor stay! Who am I?   ...

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Classical Dilemma | A Poem

  Should I? Shouldn't I? The sand falls. Pendulum swings with passing seconds. Lo! I lose; but should I submit my inability to make the move? Should I wait for the sands to fall? Or should I respond to the call coming from there, so near, so close to my ailing soul? Oh! Am I? That prince Who couldn't kill! No! I am master of my will and I surely [...]

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