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Doubts – a poem

Is the world real? Are the sages true? Am I what I am? Doubts The more I inquire more do I despair but inquiry is freedom - freedom takes me to slavery. Am I free? Ever Doubts   by Alok

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मैं और तुम – the valentine poem

काश वो वक्त ठहर जाता और मैं समेट लेता सारी खुशियाँ जो लायी थी मेरे चेहरे पे तुम्हारे चेहरे की एक झलक ने! दिन गुजरे और महीने और फिर साल साल दर साल बस निकलते गये मानो जैसे सबने ठान ली हो नदियों के जैसे बह जाने को ... समय की लहरों ने कभी दूर तो कभी पास किया मुझे और तुम्हें एक दूसरे के। अलग तो कभी हम हो [...]

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The Intellectual Lady – a poem

and she searched for hours 'how to stop bleeding properly?' an illiterate passer-by unbuttoned his shirt and tied to the wound. the intellectually spectacled lady smiled. she invited the uneducated for a discourse on humanity to be held next week. by Alok Mishra A Poem A Day

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I don’t remember her eyes – a poem

I don't remember her eyes. I don't remember those dark, big and beautiful eyes. I don't remember at all how they pushed me to a state of surmise - I really don't remember! Believe me; I don't.   for M A Poem A Day...

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I live like this!

Read the poem I live like this by Alok Mishra below. Make sure you add a comment if you have something to say. I live like this! betrothed to life and flirting with death, days pass by; I live and I will die. poem for 9th February 2018 Alok Mishra

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