I know it’s difficult. I really do know that because I have felt that too. However, to wake up in the morning and smile to the rising Sun will not take away anything from you. If you do it, I promise, you will feel light even after waking up with tons of pain in your heart. Sometimes, Sri Krishna has different goals for you to achieve rather than your ignorant wishes. For the moment that suffers, it is really very difficult for a person commenting upon it. Nevertheless, crying in pain won’t make things easier; you have to wake up and walk to the remedy. And the remedy for an ailing heart is always Karma. Begin with your duties and you will have no time to regret something that didn’t go according to your plan.

Pain is not gone

but, certainly,

not more ever than what I make it

by myself.

Before it’s shattered again,

I will wake myself up

and begin.

I will defeat my pain.

I will victor my invincible pain.


by Alok Mishra