Had the opportunity to take a dip in the holiest of the rivers in the world – Ganga. We all worship our mother Ganga and respect it as a lively Goddess who is holy enough to wash away the sins of the sinners just by touching their soul once a person enters into the water.

a dip in the holy Ganga poem Alok Mishra

Confusion before I touched her feet:

Limitless you are
and I am nothing, mother.
I feel empty
as I see you.
Tell me what is lie
and what is true.
I have unbearable pain inside me.
I suffer. I want to flee
this world and be free.
But where can I go?
This burden won’t let me!
Tell me a way before I wither.
Limitless you are
and I am nothing, mother.

And then I entered the Holy Ganga:

The world is there; it has to be.
Everything, here and there,
that you feel, touch or see
was, is and will ever be.
How insignificant am I!
And that’s the significance
ascribed to me…

the eternal flow,
you feel everything
and just nothing once you know.


by Alok Mishra