The Allegorical Expedition by P Satyadeep: Book Review

"This is why Dhyana is so important, it allows you to know who you are as a person, and what you are capable of and what's the right thing for you to do." Now, believe me, I wasn't at all hoping to have a chance to read a novel which lets me explore my inner self so passionately like this novel The Allegorical Expedition (a quest for truth) by P [...]

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Mother Teresa Canonized or Crucified: Book Review

Buy the Book:   Writes Gerard in his book Mother Teresa: Canonized or Crucified: "The head of the church should follow Mother Teresa's simple life style. He should forego his luxurious life in the palace, gorgeous dresses, and special protective soldiers and renounce his spiritual living. He should live in an ordinary house and start to lead a simple life." Now, I am not a scholar of the Christianity; [...]

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Finding The Raven Book Review

Patty Dickson Pieczka is a well-known author and poet. Expecting something quite interesting and quality literary production from her is nothing wrong. Her latest book - Finding the Raven, has once again switched on the forgotten films of the 'days passed'. Patty has used the central theme of St. Louis World's Fair wonderfully in her book but has quite successfully intruded into the lives of people in the beginning of [...]

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Jestus on Rampage Book Review

Jestus on Rampage: Book Review by Alok Mishra I read Jestus on Rampage and was left bemused with the pinch of satire and a mock-epic style of narration. It'd leave you with laughter, serious questions and of course - a self-searching! AN Overview of What's in The Book Although the author hints us in the blurb that Jestus on Rampage is a 'superbly amusing read that [...]

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