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American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam – Book Review

It was not long ago that I last read some book. However, it was certainly long ago that I read a good book. And I was too eager to pick up some well-known, versatile and bestselling titles to quench my reading appetite. My look-up notices finally found a reciprocation in the form of Oliver North’s American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam, a war history book that chronicles the major episodes of heroic valour that American army exhibited in the ‘Iraq-conquest’. The book is subtle and it is indeed a readable title that takes the readers’ spirit to new heights of patriotism as well as raises the concerns over the spread of radical Islamic terror in the Western world.


American Heroes in the fight against radical islam review book


On the one hand, Oliver North’s title is a respected one. People from various backgrounds have praised the book and they have shown their approval with the content. On the other, there are the people who show their frustration and anger with what Mr North has written. To me, Oliver has written nothing wrong. However, he has, at times, mixed his personal whims with serious issues that he deals with in his book and that gives away a bad hint – Islamic Terror is a truth. However, people embracing Christianity by shredding their Islamic affinity is a (almost) lie and it becomes propaganda when Oliver brings those examples in the course of his narrative which is otherwise amazingly drawn.

On the upsides of the book, American Heroes: In the Fight Against Radical Islam, the author has sung praises for the heroes who have really sacrificed in bringing chaos to pause. He has written about the army personnel who have laid their lives and who have worked so hard to establish peaceful life in the state of Iraq after the USA launched a high-profile war against Saddam and other terrorists in the Islamic regime of lands. American Heroes also helps the readers in identifying the people who are pro-peace and people who are anti-peace. On the contrary to many people’s whims, the book is not Islamophobic in any possible way. It rather exposes how radical Islam is anti-peace to its very core.

The language by North is simple, yet subtle. He has tried his best to connect with the readers and let them know what the media in the USA might not bring out. He also shows a mirror to the ‘Islamopologists’ in the American media who think that only poor people ‘who cannot buy health insurance’ go to the American Army. I am sure people with a good mind will like the book and appreciate what the author has done. I am equally sure that people with sharp minds and critical faculties will come to know what Oliver North has tried to do implicitly in the book, at times.

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American Heroes

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Handling of the Issue




I appreciate

  • Simple Language
  • Quality Content
  • Deep Research
  • True War Account

Could be avoided

  • Partly Propaganda
  • Partly Politically Inflated

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