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“Giving and taking dowry has made marriage a business, where one party, i.e. the bride’s parents, give their daughter and dowry to the other party in order to marry their daughter and save her from the ill-treatment of the groom, in-laws, and his family…”

Writes Dr Sarika Jain in her debut book, SHE – a message for those who belittle girls. This is a book that uncovers the confusion’s sheet from many facts – facts that we know but don’t want to talk in public because these issues might irk people. However, Sarika Jain, being a woman and an author, has made most of her debut by writing what she thinks should be discussed widely and effectively because these are the issues that matter. The title of her book, as described on the cover, is – SHE – an acronym for Stop Hurting Me Every Day.

The book is based on facts, opinions and emotional outburst at times. Sarika Jain has written her heart out. She did not mince her punches while not being entirely fuming as well. She has balanced her narrative – the negative side juxtaposed with the positive side. You will also find examples celebrating independence, responsibility and achievement by women in this book. And this is certainly one of the many things that I liked in this book. It is not a botched narrative with all bashing men and society – howsoever headless or factless. Dr Sarika Jain has been here with facts, data, numerics and ideas. She has clearly highlighted what’s wrong; she has also tried to present examples from within the society of those who have managed to try and turn the situations from against to with. And then, she has also listed her ideas that can serve as possible remedies of the diagnosed problems. So, the book by Sarika, SHE, is pragmatic in nature – finding the problems, acknowledging them and looking for the remedial efforts. And this is how a book on a sensitive issue must be written.

In the book, you will find almost all the topics related to women and girls touched by the author. Right from the right to be born to the right to choose their partners, early education to the freedom of choosing their careers, their right to walk freely to their right to protection that is the social responsibility but we often fail there. I have read many books on women causes but believe me, nothing was so passionately moving and stirring as this one is. While there are the points on which you may disagree with the author or would like to argue more but the points are well-made. And this, you will certainly accept.

Well, is it your time to decide this week’s reading list? Let this book, SHE, be at the top of every other book you decide. Read it. Let the author know what you think. Let’s acknowledge that she has done indeed well with her SHE! Buy a copy from Amazon India by clicking the link below:

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SHE - a message for those who belittle girls
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