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Uske Hisse Ka Pyar

Uske Hisse Ka Pyar review

Uske Hisse Ka Pyar is the debut book by Ashish Dalal – an author from Gujarat who is interested in producing meaningful short stories and occasional poetry. He has been writing for many years for the Hindi newspapers and magazines and his literary creations have been praised by the readers because of their relevance and the depth. Inspired by all these, Ashish Dalal has finally decided to come with his debut collection of short stories and I got an opportunity to read Uske Hisse Ka Pyar recently. I have been in love with the short story genre because I have been reading Kafka and Anton Chekhov and Gorky. However, Ashish Dalal’s short stories are not like those ones. His writing style and his themes are different and so different that they create an entirely different impact upon the readers and because those are written in Hindi, an Indian reader can read it very quickly along with the reading pleasure… here are my thoughts on this wonderful short story collection.

Ashish Dalal, before I do anything else, deserves the praise for his valuable contribution to the increasing canvas of Hindi literature! He has made a constructive as well as meaningful attempt without being in the business of producing a jargon for the sake of garnering readers. His stories are based on the theme of love, at the bottom and in almost each one of them, there is love! He has tried to weigh the importance of relationships in this modern world where things move very fast. He has tried to portray the dilemmas that we often let linger around our emotions. Homely affairs, children, wife, husband, mother, father… Ashish Dalal’s short stories present to you almost every shed of the relationships and love – affection, attraction, realisation and what not.

“Faisla” is a story in the collection which beautifully elaborates the confusion and sentiments that a father has towards the need of a “Kuldeepak”. It also captures the fear that a mother has just because of an imagination that the coming child is mentally fragile and won’t be able to live the life without dying almost every day. What will the mother do? What will the father do? You will love the way Ashish Dalal has presented the story to the readers.

The story “Antim Sanskar” can make someone cry. Though I did not cry after reading the story, it tells us the bitter reality of the modern life. We have failed somewhere as a society and Ashish Dalal has forged this truth into a sentimental story which can lead you to tears. And all other stories in this wonderful collection of 17 short stories are equally wonderful.

I will rate this book very high and I will personally request all my Hindi loving friends and readers that you MUST read this book! Let’s try reading something meaningful and also realistic. Kudos to Ashish for letting us have the luxury of reading his short stories which will surely create an impact on the readers and also settle Ashish somewhere on a respected position in Hindi literature.

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Uske Hisse Ka Pyar - reviewed
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YOU MUST READ this wonderful collection of short stories by Ashish Dalal

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