Rajdeep’s Confession of Being Anti-National

Sardesai Assault USA

Rajdeep thrassed a man in public USA

So, the one committed ‘anti-national’ has finally accepted he is a ‘deshdrohi’ or in better terms – against the country. In even better terms, I should describe Rajdeep as ‘someone who is evenly determined to highlight India in the worst possible terms and eulogize any sort of anti-national activity’. Behind this monologue, behind his innate stubbornness to dilapidate India, there are many speculations about the ideology that this self-proclaimed ‘proud Hindu’ follows. To be clear, I am not going to include the Hindu-Muslim argument in the context of Sardesai’s acceptance (or a final confession?) because the question is about the nation and everyone is the national citizen. Coming to the pedestal of being a national or anti-national, it’s purely on the conscience of a person. Rajdeep has selected to accept what others are sure about him – he is an anti-national! Let the twitter poll decide his exact position:

Let’s go a little deep: JNU Event

Let us consider this debacle that compelled Mr Rajdeep Sardesai to confess his ‘sin’. Recent protests at JNU campus; the arrest of Kanhaiya Kumar; the manhandling of Kanhaiya by the advocates in the court premises; braveheart like efforts of Arnab to expose the hypocrisy of paid media; the regular efforts of Zee News, Sudhir and Rohit to bring the incident to the light, and many other meager-greater events have brought almost a divide in the nation – a handful are on the side of Kanhiaya & Umar Khalid; all others who care for the integrity of India are on the side of Nation! The major faces that you will see on the side who are against the nation are Rajdeep, Barkha, Sagarika, Abhisar, Saba, Kejriwal, Rahul, Leftists and other journalists and politicians who don’t let any chance of defaming our nation go away. All of us, are on the other side! Now, this is a fight of ideology; it’s a fight against the ‘potential terrorism’; it’s a fight to bring the hypocrites in the sunlight.

Sardesai abusing

Sardesai abusive language (click to enlarge)

The JNU incident was shameful, no doubts about that. Yes, JNU, since its inception, has been the happy-hours club for the activities of anti-nationalists like Arundhati Roy and other left-mongers. Indeed, these activities have enjoyed the shelter of Kashmiri separatists and some of ‘renowned’ politicians who can even compromise the national interest for the sake of votes. This person Rajdeep was howling when Dadri incident happened. He was ready to define the entire nation in a single term – intolerant. Dear ‘anti-national,’ why didn’t you become ‘anti-national’ then against all those shameful existences who defamed and tarnished the image of our nation? Why are you supporting the ‘sedition’ now? Why are you ‘consciously’ being pro-Afzal today? Moreover, you fundamental right to journalism – the 2002, where is that? Why don’t you say that JNU ‘cultural’ festival to show solidarity with terror by the ’30+ students’ happened 14 years after the 2002? hahaha! You are such a sick mind, Mr Rajdeep! I have understood your ‘dirty stunts’ and I hope India also knows, by now.

Advocates Thrashing Kanhaiya

The other side of the story exists as well. The alleged thrashing (ditto NDTV style of reporting) of journalists and Kanhaiya was not at all good. Yes, Kanhaiya is a traitor; however, we are not savages! We believe in the law of the land and we MUST let it function. The lawyers should never have to do such a terrible act. The person who was shouting ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ is equally a culprit as Kanhaiya. We cannot allow such ‘extrapolated’ freedom of expression that lets you praise Afzal, Hafiz and Pakistan who are avowed enemies of India and humanity.

Back to Sardesai

A video that will show you the entire slap-gate event in the Modi USA tour.

Coming to Rajdeep’s ‘confession,’ it had to come, sooner or later. This sick-minded person who is supporting those students who ‘enjoyed’ the killing of CRPF jawans in Dantewada, MUST be termed an anti-national! There should be no line dividing opinions on this line or argument. In short, Rajdeep, the person who lost his cool and kicked another ‘who did not believe his ideology in USA’ talks about the ‘differences in the line of thought’! Ah! What can be more hypocrite than that?
Let me sign it off, dear husband of another avowed anti-national Sagarika and the ideology boyfriend of Barkha Dutt, you are troubled with the TRUTH that Sri Narendra Modi is your prime minister. You are annihilated with the fact that Arnab Goswami is getting better of you! You are rattled with the idea that now people are understanding your hollow journalism stuffed with shallow prejudice! I thank you for accepting the real idea of your existence in India – YOU WERE, ARE and WILL ALWAYS BE AN ANTI-NATIONAL!