Forever and a Little More… the very title of this novel excites the reader! Yes, of course, the reader must be thinking that this is a romance which will take away the mental stress after reading and offer a perfect weekend if you finish this by the Saturday night… here is the catch, Praneet Dabral, the author of the book, hasn’t planned the things you might have anticipated! His novel, Forever and a Little More, is different than what it appears to be on the cover page. Praneet’s book offers an entirely different world of Romance which the readers will not forget another morning… the romance between Tanish and Jessica is something which the readers will keep with them even after the book is done! I have got a chance to review the book and I have done the same. I am sharing it with my readers.

There is a guy named Tanish and there is a girl named Jessica. They fall in love at the very first sight but they don’t have the courage to acknowledge the love. The guy keeps thinking and meanwhile, the girl becomes worried about her father’s sickness. Tanish is always there for Jessica and so is her. Amid happiness and sorrows, the unacknowledged love between these two keeps moving in the outskirt of India – Snowdon… But as they often say, delay in love is a delay, after all! I won’t reveal what happens in between but the lovers unite eternally! Tragedies, comedy of errors, hesitation, fate and everything else is there in the novel Forever and a Little More by Praneet…

For readers (unlike the readers like us who sit to read a book with critical scissors and intellectual operation kit), the book is an idle romance which will sail them away from the usual drab of books which have the same old saga – a frustrated guy and an aspiring girl falling in love. The novel is set in the beautiful place called Snowdon which will give the readers a clear visual impression of the events. The kids playing cricket, the river flowing and making the sweet noise, the broken glass of Mr. Jones’ house… and so many visual descriptions (with words of course) are there for the readers to enjoy.

For the readers who love to write diaries, the book is a treat to savour! They MUST read it! After reading, you will surely agree that a great part of romance could only be re-lived because of the diary which Tanish opens and reads.

The bottom line of the review is clear on my side. Ignore the haste which the author shows in the plot of the novel and enjoy the novel at your own speed. The theme is truly wonderful and serious enough. The lexicon which the author has used for this novel is pretty simple and you must not bother yourself of carrying your Oxford dictionary wherever you carry the novel Forever and a Little More. Just read and enjoy it! Happy Reading and happy Independence day!